Dr Pooja Tripathi- The face behind Wanderer Wordweaver Woman

This is the web address of Dr Pooja Tripathi, a doctor turned writer who calls herself as a solo wanderer, weaves out words from life itself and is definitely proud to be a woman.  You will see a long list of menu, because she is the same, a cluttered mess with varying writings and varying works. She remembers herself writing poems as far as she can remember first in her school notebooks and then at her blog, fondly writing postcards since a year because she believes she has so much to say to the younger generation.


A bilingual writer she loves Hindi like her own child and the unrefined Hindi of hers has led to पोटली बाबा की, telling stories of the people who never find a place in our stories. A political campaigner in past and a frequent commentator on world affairs, you find it all here.  From forming Pathshala, a slum school for kids in Chattisgarh, working against human trafficking with Muskaan in Rajasthan to managing communication campaigns of leading development organisations she believes in the power of pen…err a keyboard in bringing about a change.

If you are wondering about her age, she is three books and two TV shows old. A daddy’s girl first and everything else later she is presently working in Bihar and actively crusading against Child Sexual Abuse with her Bachpan Project.


I Refuse to be tied to the ropes of age and sex
I Refuse to be pulled back by the strings of society
I Refuse to play the preassigned roles imposed by tyranny
I Refuse to live a life drained of passion
I Refuse to succumb
I Refuse to surrender
I Refuse to be a mute spectator
I Refuse to die a silent death
I am a woman of today
I Refuse all strings that pull me back .


Contact her at drpoojatripathi1902@gmail.com for talks against CSA or entrepreneurship or  just for saying a hi.