I am discarding

I am slowly discarding The notion of love fed to us When the cupid strikes And butterflies fly The letters with sweet sugary words The one with tall promises To bring down the stars The long calls The slow morning walks Passion into lust Desires into madness And then it all flows away We call […]

In memory of Peshawar Attack

I was asked to pen down a memoir for a blogging challenge, i was wondering what to write and suddenly Facebook popped up a memory, memory of 16 December 2014, the day when in Peshawar school children were brutally murdered, a day when we were ashamed to call ourselves human. So for #Blogchatter weekly challenge on memoirs, i am […]

The age of Magic

Close your eyes, and envision an idea of an app, an app that reads what are you thinking right now and gives you directions through an infinite space radiations and while you count backwards from 10. Energy pulses along the interstices of the space converges, a balloon comes up giving wings of internet to your […]

पोटली बाबा की

हम यात्रा पर निकले हैं ,गाँव की कच्ची पगडंडियां, खेत की मुंडेर के बराबर दौड़ती मिटटी की सडकें बड़ी होकर कब शहर की चौड़ी सड़क बन गयी यह देखने. हर शहर का एक चेहरा होता है जिस पर नए विचार,नए सामाजिक संगठनों और नयी ज़िन्दगी की परत चढ़ जाती है, आइये चलिए मेरे साथ ढूंढते […]

Stop Elder Abuse

Piku- i think everyone must have watched this beautiful film about a father-daughter relationship and the dialogue which touched my heart was ” एक उम्र के बाद हमें अपने पेरेंट्स को जिंदा रखना पड़ता है ” Why this dialogue holds so much relevance ? Because in a society where parents give their heart and soul […]