That one day

One day you will fall asleep

Asleep with all the chaos around

One day you will fall  asleep

asleep with the nightmares that haunt

One day you will walk among the storm

And smile all across it

One day you  won’t fear

Won’t fear the merry go round coming down

One day you will chase the sunset

And not feel sad when it ends

One day you will take that step

Step on the edge of the cliff

One day you will fall in love

And know that from that one day

You won’t fear

You won’t regret

You won’t shudder

You won’t shiver

You won’t reason

One day he will knock on your door

exactly when you are struggling to breathe

That one day you will know

Why we write poetry on love

love which is imperfectly perfect

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While many movies portray Dissociative  Personality disorder perfectly it’s Split that left me in awe and yeah the ending.

The big twist comes after the plot has been resolved and even a “Split” title card comes on screen. We then cut to a diner where a TV news report tells patrons about the events we’ve just seen, and that Casey’s captor (James McAvoy) is at large and has been dubbed with the name “The Horde”. Three women begin discussing these events and one says, “Wasn’t there a guy in a wheelchair about 15 years ago? What was his name?” David Dunn (Bruce Willis) then leans forward and says, “Mr. Glass.” The camera then lingers on Dunn’s face, strongly suggesting that the emerging superhero from Shyamalan’s 2000 film will face off against The Horde.

For those who never saw Unbreakable (spoilers ahead for a 17-year-old movie), the film follows David Dunn, a security guard who’s the lone survivor of a massive train crash. Dunn eventually comes to learn that he has superpowers and that the man he thought was his mentor, Elijah Price aka Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson), is actually his archnemesis. It’s a fascinating look at the tropes of the superhero genre and trying to reposition them into a more realistic framework. While the twist at the end feels unnecessary (Price is revealed to have orchestrated a series of accidents through flashbacks we couldn’t have possibly known about), the movie as a whole is fairly interesting and it’s certainly worth watching.

(Inputs from Split movie, collider)

We leave you with a poem on Multiple Personality Disorder instead:

06/03/2017 – 11.15 am

She walked into the clinic

With stilettos that sparked gold

And a skirt that whirled like poetry

She pushed the door instead of pull

‘Fuck!!” Get a slider door doc

Hello Ms. Joshi said Dr. Panicker

How are you feeling today?

Ecstatic, I just had a healing spa

Wonderful Tina, Tell me how was your week?

It was good, I am working on my new exhibition

Wow, now that’s some news.

And I am over Robert now

I think I should love myself

Perfect Tina. Let’s see your case sheet.


13/03/2017 11. 15 am

Doctor rushes into clinic

Only to find Robert there

“Hey Doc, You are late” with a grin

Sorry Robert, was caught in traffic”

And by the way nice shoes.

Oh, I love glitters”

Cool! So how was your week

Bad doc, breakups suck.

They Do, but it’s just a matter of time

Let me have a look at your case sheet.

I hope you are sleeping okay, no waking up all night

I try doc, I do try. She seems to have moved on.

Will you try talking to Tina Doc, Just the bro thing

I will try Robert and if she doesn’t let her go.

And continue the pills. Text me if you need something

Robert stands up to leave and pulls the door .

Push it outside Robert”

Fuck! Get a slider door Doc”

We all have a Jayalalitha within us


After Amma’s death, I have been reading a lot about this woman, not as a politician but as a woman and man I am impressed. You may criticize her way of politics,you may criticize her for the amount of corruption, you may criticize her blind trust first on MGR and then on Sasikala but you can’t deny the fact that this woman took it back on each and every person who turned her down. Reading Simi Garewal’s interview:

Simi: Jayaji, whenever a woman is successful, the world always manages to give the credit to a man. It seems to me that the greatest battles you have fought and won were after MGR died.

Jayalalithaa: You are absolutely right. Because as long as he was there, he was the leader. I only had to follow his instructions. After his death I was left to fend for myself. I was left totally alone. And he didn’t smoothen the way for me to become his success. He didn’t. Not like Indira Gandhi did for Rajiv Gandhi. She groomed him, paved the way so that he could smoothly move to take over as her successor. Now if you look at all the other women leaders who have made it to the top in Asia, they were all the daughters, wives or widows of former prime ministers or presidents. Because if you’re a wife, automatically so much respect is given to you. People talk about you, refer to you, with respect. But such wasn’t the case with me. Though Dr MGR introduced me to politics, he certainly didn’t smoothen the way for me, he didn’t make anything easy for me. I had to fight and struggle my way up every inch of the way.


Jayalalithaa stepped into the iconic shoes of MGR when there were words about his incapability as a woman. Her movie star charisma turned into unquestioned political authority where while once she was near to being disrobed on the floor of legislative assembly to turning Amma where she garnered huge respect among millions of Tamilians.

On December 24, 1987, Jayalalithaa had astounded mourners on the steps of the same hall when she fought exhaustion and swallowed her pride as she stood vigil by MGR’s body for two days despite efforts by MGR’s family to push her away.

Almost 30 years later, she returned to where she once stood as an other woman this time as a leader with a rich political legacy and a battalion of followers.


On March 25, 1989, trouble broke out even as Karunanidhi, who also held the finance portfolio, was presenting the budget and Jayalalitha, as the leader of the Opposition, was obstructing proceedings. She was very vocal in her demand that Karunanidhi resign. She summoned AIADMK MLA K.A. Sengottiyan to ‘attack’ the CM. In the pandemonium that followed, Jayalalitha was roughed up by DMK members led by Durai Murugan.

But Jayalalitha’s antipathy towards Karunanidhi dates back to MGR’s death. Karun-anidhi and his deputy K. Anbazhagan had then publicly denounced her as a political non-entity. During the 1989 assembly campaign, the DMK deliberately avoided mentioning her or her party, since Karunanidhi’s stand was that the AIADMK under Jayalalitha was an insignificant force. She has not forgotten the humiliation.


She took back every incident of humiliation, insult and shaming in a way that is historical. The images of teary eyed Jayalalitha not even flinching a little at MGR’s funeral is in itself a witness to the strong willed politician that she would turn out in future.

We all have a Jayalalitha within us, a revenge we want to take, equaling it with someone is on our wish list, a humiliation we want to give back. May we channel it into something as huge as Jayalalitha or learn to let it go.

#RIPAmma………You were one hell of a woman.


Dear Indian Army, I need to ask you some questions

Dear Indian Army

This comes from an Indian who has the utmost respect for the men and women in uniform. This comes from a girl who when sees someone in olive green says a thank you. This comes from a youth who has made short films on Army and participated in Vijay Diwas celebration with a salute. This comes from an Indian who is proud of Indian Army and……………ashamed of the recent attacks. Yes ashamed.

The whole country stands together in this moment of grief and shock. We lost 18 men yesterday, The audacious terrorist strike on Sunday morning at the Indian Army headquarters in Uri — that claimed the lives of 18 soldiers and wounded another 18 is a big number. We should be enraged for the loss of even one man but count Uri, Pathankot, Pampore…………35 soldiers died and 1740 injured in just last quarter of 2016.

So here my question is Where is our preparedness? Air base, Indian Army headquarter, these are the strategic areas and not any random tourist place we are talking about. A bunch of terrorists who had just passed out from terror camps, don a fake uniform, pick a vehicle, cross over walls and fire. WTF is wrong with the intelligence of our country. Any tom, dick and harry has the guts to enter our military headquarter, to enter our strategic air base and the reason you give is it was the time of sleep. Are you serious? Time of sleep?

We as a country are fed up with the mythological stories of a NSA that comes close to being a Sherlock holmes, a government that just speaks big and does not act but hold we will not be talking about political system here. I have questions for you Indian Army because we have not lost our men in a war. This is a murder in our own home, a cold blooded murder, let’s not forgive and forget it in the garb of patriotism.

Meanwhile, the remarks by Director General of Military Operations, Lt Gen Ranbir Singh “Indian Army reserves the right to respond to any cross-border terror attack “at the time and place of our own choosing”. The Army also said it has the desired capability to respond to any blatant acts of aggression and violence as deemed appropriate by us.

Let’s dissect your options General saab:
1) Air strikes –On militant camps and Pakistani heartland but as always India lacks the intelligence and surveillance capabilities that will ensure the targets struck are actually militant camps. The possibility of collateral deaths is also high. And certainly it will be answered by the Pakistan Air Force and will almost certainly trigger a response whose consequences cannot be easily determined.

2) Covert operation targeting Pakistani terrorists- However depressing it may sound India lacks the skill and preparation to launch a covert operation against a country where there runs a state sponsored terror factory.

3) Not only a failed intelligence, we are in a bad shape too: Indian armed forces are not in particularly good shape for an all out war with Pakistan. The military is short of vital equipment like artillery and air-defence systems, as well as key ammunition. The air force is also not in particularly great form given the steady attrition it has faced without getting adequate replacements.

Don’t tell us what is your time, place and mode of giving that befitting reply but do ensure that your intelligence and security does not give them an another chance to hit back. Nobody, I repeat nobody should have the guts to enter our house when we are sleeping and murder our family. Let’s be cautious in our sleep too. Let’s not be stoned and sleep.

You know what to do, You know it better. You know you are not prepared, you know you still are not.

The country looks up to you. Let’s junk this policy of turning the other cheek when slapped by Pakistan.

A disturbed Indian.

Image courtesy- Deccan Chronicle



Dear America, you need NOTA(None of the Above) more than us


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So USA presidential elections are round the corner and it’s disappointing to see what unworthy successors Obama has. From a hate mongering Donald Trump to Untrustworthy Hillary, time for you to have NOTA in your electoral roll.

Today I wish to write why I don’t support Hillary ( So don’t take it for granted that I support Trump).

Obviously No Donal Trump : The whole campaign of Donald Trump rests on fear- fear of immigrants,fear of Crime, fear of muslims and mexicans, fear of the campaign that says black lives matter and the fear of LGBTQ population. He thinks that America’s economy is doomed and only this billionaire has all the answers to America’s problems. If you listened carefully to his closing words at Republic National Convention, you may have wondered what country he was talking to, and about. By saying “We will build a wall”,he has left out all the moderation and subtlety behind and What’s left is a hate mongering man whom we all should fear. Nazi salutes, cultural purification, racial supremacy, anti muslim rheoteric- What times do we live in where Trump walks on the same land.

Let’s come back to Hillary Clinton and why she is not my hero.

Low marks for trustworthiness, Thy last name is Clinton: Contrary to her claim that she never sent or received information that was classified at the time from the private server, the FBI found 110 emails to have contained classified information when sent or received. the confidentiality itself means you can’t compromise. Cover up just covers up mistake (that too at secretary of State position), it does not rectify it, the results compound her troubles.

Benghazi Investigation : Hillary Clinton failed to adequately protect U.S. installations or that she attempted to spin the attacks as spontaneous when she knew they were planned terrorist operations.

Abuse of Authority, The glorious Clinton Foundation: The beneficiaries who were bestowed with Big government posts and special employees come from Clinton foundation .Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin are among Clinton’s longest-serving and closest aides. Abedin remains involved in her campaign and they both come from foundation .

Hillary’s informal adviser :Blumenthal– Blumenthal, a seasoned journalist was an informal advisor to  Hillary Clinton,Secretary of State. Informal because Ms. Clinton apparently wanted to hire her officially but this proposal was turned down by President himself.His biggest apocalypse was suggesting that Benghazi Attack was spontaneous which proved wrong later and turned into Obama 2.0 ‘s biggest political mistake. And guess from where Mr Blumenthal was drawing his pay from as an advisor: Yes, you guessed it right- The Clinton Foundation.

The strong Woman mask : The one thing  I would have admired Hillary for if she walked out of a marriage with US president after the infamous Lewinsky scandal . So much for being the Iron lady and still coming down to same old bullshit- tolerating man’s adventures just for the sake of marriage. You lead by example and you could have done good without the Clinton last name too. I don’t see you as a role model of a woman who shapes up his own life. Instead you chose to look away when your Husband was having scandalous affairs with interns. We understand: marriage and its compulsions. That said, you can never be our hero Hillary.

I know you people don’t have choices, many of you must be saying that a first woman president is better than Islamophobic lunatic. You can no longer buy into the age-old argument that you have to vote for the lesser of two evils This is happening for the first time in the history of US Presidential elections that the candidates of the two major political parties have so unfavorable ratings. The future of this country and the amount of impact it has on the world can not rest on ignorance.

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party comes as a fresh air in this environment of mistrust and hate, an experienced politician , talks sense on social and economic issues and most importantly he believes in personal freedom, which is the foundation of an inclusive society. And there is Jill Stein of Green party and in her own words ‘We are basically a party that puts people, planet and peace over profit. And we put forward the real solutions that everyday Americans are just clamoring for’.

Good Luck America. The world is watching you.

P.S- When is Michelle running for President. A non conformist, strong, committed woman and a perfect wife who does Karaoke would be one amazing president



Dear Maneka Gandhi, Marital rape is not Achhe Din, It does exist

Image courtesy- Theviewspaper

She was 21 when she was married, he 25. They both were educated and professionals. In an arranged marriage with a man she barely knew, she didn’t think that he would demand sex on the night they got married. He did. She wasn’t ready for it. It didn’t matter.

And then the ordeal of marriage started, almost trivial issues from in laws to dowry, she was beaten up, abused and shouted upon. But the point is sex went uninhibited. It was important for him, he said. He needed it , he demanded, whether she wanted it or not.

She was my friend. She still is my friend. She is in the same marriage.

Who all remember that scene in the movie “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” where in a refugee camp Milkha singh’s brother in law forces himself upon his wife played brilliantly by Divya Dutta and she afterwards cries near a handpump. Yes my fellow countrymen, that scene showed what a woman goes through when there is no consent involved in sexual act in marriage and this concept very suitably applies  to India.


Today Union minister for women and child development Maneka Gandhi said in a written reply, “It is considered that the concept of marital rape, as understood internationally, cannot be suitably applied in the Indian context due to various factors like level of education/ illiteracy, poverty, myriad social customs and values, religious beliefs, mindset of the society to treat the marriage as a sacrament etc.”

Are you serious Maneka Gandhi?

Image courtesy- Policysamvaad

Let’s see some figures Miss Minister. Domestic violence has emerged as the single-largest crime against women. In 2013, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reported over 118,000 domestic violence cases, which made up a third of all crimes against women, far ahead of molestation (70,739) and rape (33,707). The number of reported domestic violence cases also shot up from a mere 50,703 in 2003 before the passage of the Domestic Violence Act of 2005. a 2014 study by the United Nations Population Fund and the International Center for Research on Women. The study found that 60% of men admitted to using violence. The belief that they are entitled to sex even without their partner’s consent is a common motivation, the study found.

These findings tie in with the 2005-06 National Family Health Survey, which found that the commonest source of violence for married women was spouses

Basically Mrs Gandhi, you are saying that it is perfectly ok to rape your wife and when you are a wife your rights take a back door? when a government whose stated intention is to secure women’s safety inside and outside the home, starts talking about culture and tradition to justify a crime.

If there is legal backing for marital rape, women who are victims of sexual assault by their husbands have little hope for justice. The exception in the law needs to be repealed urgently, as recommended by the Justice Verma Committee in 2013. The committee argued that the “relationship between the accused and the complainant is not relevant to the inquiry into whether the complainant consented to the sexual activity.

The problem is not marriage . The problem is not men or husbands. The problem is our ability to tolerate any buulshit in the name of religious beliefs, mindset of society and social customs. We fail to question anything that is challenging to our rotten norms. The most saddening part is government doing the same. The problem behind a man beating up you in morning and forcing upon you in night saying mere liye jaruri hai deals with patriarchy.

Are we ready to challenge it or this concept also does not apply to Indian context?

ज्यादा भोकाली में निकल जाती है ऐसी बात

चित्र साभार- द टेलीग्राफ और मेरी एडिटिंग

पिछले कुछ दिनों में “द टेलीग्राफ “ पेपर ने आतंक मचा रखा था अपने क्रिएटिव हेडलाइंस से। देश जब अभिव्यक्ति की आजादी बनाम देशद्रोह के नित नये रंगों क देख रहा था तब चाहे PATRIOT हो या फिर “क्यूंकि मंत्रीजी कभी स्टूडेंट नहीं थी” जैसे हेडलाइंस के साथ “द टेलीग्राफ” ने जॉर्ज ऑरवेल के उस कहावत को चरितार्थ किया कि “ freedom of press means the freedom to oppose and criticize”.

हम सबने सोचा कि वाह टेलीग्राफ तुम ही हो जो क्रांति कि मशाल जलाये रखोगे।बस तुम रवीश कुमार वाली फैन बेस बनाने ही वाले थे कि तुमने स्मृति ईरानी के सनी देओल को काम्प्लेक्स देने वाले भाषण के लिये उन्हें “AuntyNational” कह दिया. कर दिया न भोकाली?

वही लोग जो तुम्हें बेधड़क शेयर किये जा रहे थे, अब तुम्हारे खिलाफ हो गये। और हो भी क्यूँ न, राजनीतिक विचारधारा एक ओर है पर नारी का अपमान के खिलाफ हम सब साथ हैं।जहाँ सभी को स्मृति ईरानी साक्षात् काली, दुर्गा और झांसी कि रानी लग रही थी वही आपने उन्हें आंटी कहकर रहा सहा गुडविल ख़त्म कर लिया। अभिव्यक्ति की आज़ादी का इतना भौंडा प्रदर्शन? अगर हिम्मत है तो करोल बाग़ की महिलाओं को किसी किटी पार्टी में आंटी कहकर बुलाओ?

खैर चलिये हम सब द टेलीग्राफ को इस एक गलती के लिये माफ़ कर देते हैं।तारीफ झक कि तरह चढ़ती है और जब चढ़ती है तो गुस्ताखी हो जाती है। इस बात का ध्यान रखा जाये कि “freedom to oppose and criticize” की शह में व्यक्तिगत कटाक्ष न हो। नहीं तो स्मृति ईरानी अगली बार कहेंगी “Yes! I am taking it personally”.

फिर तो तुमको रखे राम, तुमको अल्लाह रखे (राम के चांसेस कम ही हैं) ।



Scoring less on points…….Let’s bring in martyrs

Image Courtesy- India Tribune

Disclaimer – Read before you brand me anti national or anti army.

The country is divided into National vs Anti National debate. We all have opinions, we all have a side to which we are “defend to my death” loyal and the debate turns into verbal abuse and cuss words.

A country which terms raising slogans as a seditious act is a country which has failed the culture of having an alternative opinion. The whole JNU row shows that we the people define “Nation” in terms of what should not be said ( aka Pakistan), what should not be eaten ( aka beef) , what should not be used (aka condom according to a MLA) and everything that falls out of the narrow lane of “should nots” is anti national.

Nation is a collective identity for each one of us and from a collective identity, it has become an inflated ego. Nationalism has one single definition and anyone disagreeing with it will be thrashed upon or to quote some law makers :

“Nothing wrong in beating up or even killing someone shouting slogans in favour of Pakistan.”

But my problem here is not the media trials and the dangerous trend of blind following. My problem is bringing up the issue of “Shaheeds” when the so called Nationalists are scoring less on debates.

When Arnab Goswami shouts at students saying  “how dare [they] speak over [him] when [he was] speaking about Lance Naik Hanumanthappa. Now I call you an anti national” and somewhere in a part of India people who have a mob idea of justice get a point to counter.

Yes exactly, the utmost sacrifice by the valiant men for country is being used to score political points. We can not compare #JNURow with the sacrifice of Martyrs. We just can not compare that.

We are a country that fails our soldiers. They live in the most inhabitable conditions, have poor quality equipment, have been protesting since ages for “One Rank One Pension” and every day young chaps are losing life because of failure of state to control infiltration. We remember them when we have to close a case on who is the only nationalist. We quote Lance Naik Hanumanthappa, We compare Captain Pawan Kumar and the alleged“Anti nationals smile thinking “Dekh boli band karwa di maine”.

When this patriotic tamasha ends, you know who has lost this debate – the fallen soldier left behind with a family who will have to fight for some basic rights because of corruption by the great patriots.

Three years back I was hosting a run which was organized to mark Vijay Diwas –India’s victory in Kargil War. I met Professor S.K.Nayyar , Father of Mahaveer Chakra Shaheed Captain Anuj Nayyar. Having watched the movie “Dhoop”portraying the struggle of Mr and Mrs Nayyer to open a Petrol Pump allotted to them during which they not only  suffered corruption at every level but also hooliganism. When I asked Professor Nayyer “why has Mrs Nayyer not turned up today”? He replied to me in a bleak voice “ Humare saath jo kuch hua uske baad Meena kabhi bhi aise function me nahi jaati, use chidh hoti hai”

I was ashamed. Yes my dear countrymen if this is what a family of a Mahaveer Chakra Awardee  suffers, just imagine what would be happening to other families. Yet very shamelessly we bring up the names of Martyrs to score a point on the debate of nationalism. Because you know that a soldier losing his life is there at the borders protecting your right to dissent.

Don’t use martyrs as pawns. Get your nationalism sorted. Read Tagore, Bhagat Singh , Orwell’s essay and even Mussolini’s speeches but don’t score a point by saying “Wahan sarhad par sainik jaan gawa raha hai aur ye naare laga raha hai , Maaro saale ko itna ki pant me hi mut de “

A fallen soldier does not need a certification from your idea of deshbhakti.

Respect a soldier, it is the least you can give them.



I am discarding


I am slowly discarding

The notion of love fed to us

When the cupid strikes

And butterflies fly

The letters with sweet sugary words

The one with tall promises

To bring down the stars

The long calls

The slow morning walks

Passion into lust

Desires into madness

And then it all flows away

We call it names

The dirty names

And wonder why no one told us that

And we never asked

What happened to Snowwhite

And her fairy tale dwarfed

What did rapunzel do

When she regretted cutting her locks

When Cindrella wanted to move on

And Aladin turned out into a coward man

The blues and whites

Turn into everyday tides

I am learning to reevaluate
the notions associated with love.
Understanding doesn’t come mostly
Forgiveness isn’t always easy

I am throwing away

The valiance of warriors

And the chivalry of heroes

The love saga of winning over

And the epic romance

No one tells you

Companionship, coupling and Commitment

We have a habit of giving names

When all is left behind is

Comfirt, Curses and Causes

I am slowly discarding
Idea of complicated forbidden romances

Where the everyday talked someday never comes

And you always have a sorry for an answer

Piece by piece

I am discarding

One love notion at a time

Until all that remains

Is true

And how it should be felt.