To the care takers, the silent sufferers

I sometimes wonder why no one talks about the ones who care

The ones who stay up all night in anticipation of ‘what if’

The ones who are empty because of a loss but need to be one who cares

The ones who stock up your favorite brownies, coconut flavored cream rolls and wafers because they have never taken care of the sick

The ones who are anxious, scared and strong all at the same time because they really don’t have any choice

The ones who are burdened with bringing order in chaos without losing their shit

The ones who didn’t trade for bed pans and preparing chicken stew but are slowly getting the hang of it

While we give a long list of instructions to the ones on the other end on “how to take care’ and ‘how not to mess this up’

Do we ever pause and ask the one

“Are you okay?”

Are you prepared for it and if not its okay?”

“Do you want to quit at any time and yes you won’t be judged for it”

“Do you need any of that brownie, cream roll or just a cup of coffee in peace?”

I hope we ask them to sit and not say “take care of them”

We instead ask “Please be kind to yourself. You matter! “




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