To ones who do not leave

I am back to writing on my blog after finding no respite in anything. Nothing calms me, the uneasiness never settles. The constant reminder of the void has turned into a gaping hole. Why do people leave is a question we are left with after one day someone decides to just walk away from our life. Why do people leave is a question we are left with because we could never come to terms of leaving. How do you tell yourself to move on.

Meet Majnu, the four legged ball of love who entered my life on my birthday and left on…..can we just leave left on? When i first saw the shy, timid, a little scared Majnu, i cried, i cried not because of happiness, but because i could not believe how cute someone could be. We always talk about having dogs and cats when we date, but we never imagine how immensely happier it makes us. But its not about we today, its about Majnu and his huge heart.

So the folklore goes that it was love at first pee. i called Majnu and he was hesitant to come close to me. After a while he felt hungry after taking into every detail of surroundings and very cautiously he came near me and peed on my carpet. Then came to my lap and slept.

That was it. A start to an epic love story. Majnu was the best companion, one hell of  secret keeper of my late night cravings, my fiercest nightmare while teething and yet my biggest love.

To be Contd……..


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