Humanity needs to make a choice – My Quarantine Diaries


We are living in times of unprecedented crisis. The biggest ever crisis of our generation, our father’s, our grand father’s generation.  No one would have imagined the scale of destruction this virus would bring upon. Destruction you ask? Bringing the world to a standstill is a destruction we never planned for.

This phase will pass. Most of us will come out alive. We will still remember the deaths that it left us with, the little chambers it locked us in, the leftover anxiety of crowded compartments. Whenever it leaves us, it will change the world we live in, it will drastically alter the way we live in. The best part is we get to decide the kind of world we would live in.

The short-term solutions of today will become a permanent fixture of life. Our alternatives stare right in our face, yes we can do without consumerism, we can breathe without hoarding. What would happen when work from home would become a norm, when we realize that those board room meetings and crappy presentations did no one good. What would happen when education would become online, will we then invest in quality of education?

A collective paralysis has gripped the world. I look around and find no leader who has proved his mettle. Denial of impending pandemic and exposure of fault lines in healthcare delivery was just waiting to happen. Didn’t we knew it all along? From cholera to Ebola, we saw a borderless world rising to the occasion. It’s not happening with Corona Epidemic. We are still blinded by the idea of boundaries while one virus, a miniscule virus is sparing no one, no color, no race, no ethnicity, no class and no religion.

Humanity has two choices in the face of the global pandemic- Will we unite and fill the void caused by effective leadership or will we quarantine our nation, build walls, impose restrictions and blame others for catastrophe.

The fact is humanity today has no choice.

We can’t afford to be disunited. Let be humble and take this extremely important lesson from a virus- we all are finite.

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