Spontaneous Travels and Blind Dates- Life’s little secrets of happiness

When I first read about this topic, to write about going on a #Blind Date with the world, to say #YesToTheWorld,  to have a bucket list, to explore the unknown, to unravel a mystery…..i thought of writing the most misfit of a content- a poem.

“ You know I always wondered

This post won a little award

How beautiful it is to fall in love with a voice that never had a face

With a place that never had maps but took the little me to Hogwarts

A castle where I felt like Rapunzel not to be rescued by someone, only to be kissed

You know I always wondered

How beautiful it is to fall in love with a smell that didn’t have a shape

How a monk told me once about a village in Japan called Nature’s paradise

With flowers of all shapes and smell giving a distinct smell to that little place

I never asked him where it was

Because I believe someday I will reach there unplanned and we will take a walk

You know I always wondered

How beautiful it is to fall in love without expectations of happily ever after

As if you just hop on to one of the stations on Trans Siberian Railway unsure where to go

And there amid the backdrop of cold coasts and unplanned days

You fall in love with a pair of sad eyes and script your imperfectly perfect love story

Someone once told me that in some part of the world

Sun never sets for 6 months nor does it rise for another 6

And I imagined

How beautiful it would be to not say a goodbye for 6 months

How beautiful it would be to not make love because it’s day or night

You know I always wondered

How beautiful it is to fall in love with unconditional love itself

To Kiss at the top of Eiffel tower

To stay on your shoulders till a dark quilt covers the himalyan sky

To hold hands and cross the stairway of heaven in Hawaii

You know I always wondered

How beautiful is love like an unplanned travel

A blind date that turns just perfect for us

An adventure that gives us stories and stories to tell when we are old and grumpy

A sojourn which is unsettling and chaotically beautiful

How beautiful is the thought of







And……….Living all of this


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While you plan or unplan how to tick off your bucket list, take a look at this lovely video and get your own answer that “Why do you love the world”



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  1. This is such an amazing writeup…the one you felt misfit of a content – I am reading it for the third time…awesome…you are definitely winning something in this contest. Cheers!
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thank you so so much Manas for such an encouraging comment

  2. Lovely piece of work.. mesmerizing , aching yet soothing..

  3. shubhangi shrivastava says: Reply

    Finally..a traveller’s thoughts spoke through a writer’s soul..beautiful

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