The curious case of pulling out vs condom

Sex- we all indulge in it for pleasure and so it comes with a volley of personal choices. Maybe this news is shocking, but if you spend any time discussing your sex lives with your friends, you probably know there are many who are guilty of utilizing pulling out or withdrawal method over condom or maybe you do yourself. And if your sex life is more sporadic, perhaps the idea of triaging the situation with Plan B(call emergency contraceptive pills) every once in a while doesn’t sound half bad.

And the same old statement, One of the major reasons why men refuse to wear condoms is that they think it doesn’t have the same pleasurable sensation as going bare. While this may be true for some men, it’s still not an excuse to skip wearing a condom. Brands like Durex Natural Feeling Lubricated Condoms and Trojan Bareskin offer you and your lover the protection you need without compromising pleasure.

But the question is why are we talking about the safety of withdrawal method vs the condom?

Fifteen million out of 16.7 million unwanted pregnancies a year could be avoided in 35 low- and middle-income countries if women use modern methods of contraception, according to a study carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Out of 12,874 women with undesired pregnancies covered by the study, India contributed the largest number, revealed the findings of the research, according to a statement by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology

Despite the worldwide campaign for people to engage in safe sex and avoid contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or having unwanted pregnancies, a lot of guy still hate the idea of wearing condoms.

Another group says it turns them off. What are you? A fucking switch? For some guys, taking a few seconds off to put on a condom when you two are turned on is just an unnecessary interruption, which could deflate the mood. But understand this – wearing a condom not only prevents unwanted pregnancy, it also protects you from STDs which can ruin your life. If your man cares about you and your health, as well as his, he would gladly do what is necessary to ensure that you two are safe.

Your pull out is not only the least effective method but it also requires skill every single time. It has a lot of room for human error. Yes it is free but trust me the repercussions will cost you more.

Dear Men, We all long for the day that women could pass on the pregnancy baton to you guys (with the menstrual torture too) without wreaking havoc on our bodies, but until science catches up with our desires, we’re stuck with what we’ve got. Obviously birth control is a personal choice, but if your goal is to actually prevent pregnancy, you’d be better off ditching the pull-out method and using condoms.

Have a safe sex

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  1. Well written and agree with you…

  2. A well written post pooja! I wish ppl thought of the consequences in that spur of the moment!!

  3. Well researched post. though it is a matter of a personal choice of course. but you had explained everything very well. agree with all your points. #surbhireads

  4. Absolutely agree with the points you mentioned. It is very important for people to understand.Great post! I hope it reaches to bigger audience.

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply


  5. Suchita Agarwal says: Reply

    I read a similar article talking about excuses and women saying yes to no condoms for several reasons. That hadn’t been as polite as yours though. I remember when a few friends said very proudly they use the “pull out” method and I couldn’t understand it. I kept thinking but wouldn’t that require superhuman strength??!!!

  6. The beauty of being a blogger is that you come across people who pull you out of your comfort zone and force you to think about topics that are otherwise considered taboo. This is such an informative post about safe sex with just enough doze of sarcasm. Quite thought provoking I would say.

  7. I guess a lot of women face this problem, even sometimes they don’t even share it with partners and are not liberal to discuss enough on thier sex life. Thanks Pooja for writing on the topic that is least discussed in our country.

  8. A good post with substantial points but I feel the segment which ignores it is still unaware of it to large extent. The educated and learned class especially with the urban lot there has been a significance improvement in the usage.
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  9. How I wish that day comes when we can pass on the baton to men- menustration, menopause, pregnancy.. seriously. I do wish men stop acting so naive and start practising safe sex. The unwanted pregnancies are a headache women have to bear anyway so they are scott free in a way.

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Haina. Lets start with giving them PMS and mood swings.

  10. Wow, this is a brilliant post. I fail to understand how those few seconds that takes a man to put on the condom deflates their mood. *Beyond me*
    Can I just be thankful here that my man doesn’t fall in this category?
    Also, women should take the onus of their own safety and well being and start demanding for the use of condom, however weird it sounds.

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      You said it all. Women should participate in every decision related to consensual sex

  11. Nice and informative post dear. You have chosen a great platform to share
    #poseinstylereads #myfriendalexa

  12. Totally agree with you. Be safe use condom.

  13. We women are indeed waiting for the day when we can pass few batons to men. Starting with PMS, pegnancy, labor pain, PPD and more. Though it is a personal choice yet pulling out a condom would surely stop unexpected pregnancies, STD. Wearing it won’t make them less men.

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply


  14. There are female Condoms available now, so it is a matter of doing it and being safe! An important read

  15. Sach me yaar when will we pass on this baton to men ?

  16. It makes a lot more sense to use condoms. People and there myths and beliefs!

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply


  17. Brilliantly written by focusing on the issue which is seen at almost every household. I have seen one of my close friend go through with pregnancy even though she was mentally not prepared for it. It is just because her family was against abortion. The issue is so real even in the so called well educated urban lott!

  18. Opinions are divided…better act safe.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ilaenjoys #Blogchatter

  19. Just a matter of opinions, but yes, pills can definitely harm.

  20. A very bold topic to touch. Thanks for wring. And I agree with you to the fullest.

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