What Travelling Taught Me

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness: Mark Twain

Sean Penn brought out the travel of Christoph McCandless with such beauty and detail, that every single college graduate who watched it fell in love with the exceptional life of McCandless and wanted to experience it first hand.

And so did I.

For moths I couldn’t take Christopher Mccandless out of my mind. I cried for him, I was envious of him, I thought what a wonderful experience he had and I took to Mcleodganj for my first solo travel.

Most of us get caught up in this routine called life. We wake up, push ourselves through our meetings, presentations, deadlines, race through our all of our errands, and jump into bed when the first free second presents itself.

I don’t tell you to quit working, don’t work because however fancy that sounds, it’s important to work just for the sake of financing our travels.Although hard work is quintessential for success, is this really how we are meant to live our lives?

When we get caught up in this routine called life, we lose ourselves. We lose our sense of importance for recognizing the beauty around us, and our inner lust for adventure that lies somewhere deep within us all.

If you happen to be stuck in this routine called life, which we all experience from time to time, my suggestion for you would be to stand up for yourself and break this cycle. Just pick your bag up and go to someplace, all by your own, switch off you phone and explore the place

Eat in local food joints

Watch the setting sun with your coffee

Talk to strangers, Make friends.

Travel (a selfie rid travel where you go local and not some luxury stay) teaches you endless number of things. While I lived for a week in Mcleodganj, I had my first beer with a foreigner who had renounced the world and was on the path of turning a monk. We talked, talked for the whole day, walked around the hilly town, came to know of many hidden gems like the one on the way to trek sells some amazing momos, we talked about Buddhism and there at the end of the day i came to know that he left his million dollar family business just to be an explorer, a seeker.

You know what that beer taught me?

To be grateful for being part of the amazing world

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.:

When we travel we come across people who are much less fortunate than ourselves. Maybe you meet someone who did not have a fair chance at success due to his or her country’s education system. Or it is very possible that you will come across individuals going up and down the mountain just to make you a bowl of Maggie and all the while you are panting.

When we arrive home from our trip, our journey comes full circle. We realize that maybe our troubles weren’t so bad all along.

If we come home from our trip with a greater knowledge of how to actually live life each day, instead of watching it pass by, then travel has done its job. It has performed its lesson that no other teacher can teach.

And that lesson is to be kind.

To be grateful for the life we are living.



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  1. Actually traveling teaches us a lot ..learning from every step take us ahead in life

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Exactly Ruchi

  2. beautiful pictures and a wonderful write up

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thanks Deepa

  3. Great read. Hope to read some more travelogues from your future trips.

  4. Very true. Loved the pics too 🙂

  5. Your writing is simply beautiful. You are showing us to enjoy our lives inspite the drudgery of daily routine. Yes we should watch the sunset with a cup of coffee. We must explore life around us. In these days, when we simply drive by without paying much attention to our neighbourhood, you are showing a different way. Great.

  6. To me travelling has taught to be flexible , applaud the good things you have in life and praise the abundance!!

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Very well said Jhilmil
      And i love your name ☺️

  7. I really envy you for being a traveller… I love to explore new places, but hardly get offs from work 😦

  8. Absolutely agree with ‘routine’ part – day in, day out – we do the same things – good to step outside and see the world from a different perspective..

  9. Loved the post. Traveling is fun… not the planned ones, but the spontaneous ones.

  10. Wow…wonderful first solo journey!! Am glad you didn’t only have a beautiful experience, but learnt certain things. Travelling is really a good teacher!

  11. It is so true that in the daily humdrum of life we forget to explore and acknowledge the little beautiful things that nature has provided us. Your post was so refreshing to read. It is so true that travel teaches us a lot.

  12. Absolutely with you on this one. Loved the way you penned your thoughts. I love travelling but solo travel is something of a phobia for me. Let’s see how it pans out for me…Travel being a great teacher is the absolute truth that no one can deny. Thanks for sharing. Who knows i might muster up the courage someday to experience this too. Good luck on your #myfriendalexa challenge.

  13. I do learn and unlearn so many things during travel.Thanks for beautiful write up.

  14. I wish I could travel more and explore the world, but going out on a vacation even once a year with kids has become a luxury now. But I totally agree with your perception.

  15. Lovely pictures. I also love travelling and can completely relate to your post. Travelling teaches us a lot of things and its fun too.

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thanks Deepa

  16. This is such a refreshing post! I totally agree to you! Travel teaches us alot , a different culture, cuisine , experiences! Beautiful pictures!

  17. Travelling brings a different perspective in self. A liberating experience for sure.

  18. lovely write up, could smell the mountains and the mist!

  19. Travelling is bliss! True. Loved this post. Beautiful!

  20. Loved this piece as it completely resonates with my thoughts. Mark Twain’s words are so pertinent. Indeed when we travel we come to know that people in general are good everywhere

  21. beautiful pictures and the thoughts echo my own sentiments.

  22. “To be grateful for being part of the amazing world

    “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”
    What a profound travel post. It teaches us to enjoy the ride and to be happy about enjoying it too. Loved your post, Pooja! Thank you for sharing it.
    #DeepTiesReads #MyFriendAlexa

  23. Lovely piece of writing. You have touched the very essence of our life and living. Nothing can be a better teacher and an able guide than the very act of travelling. Yes we need to break away from the clutches of routines of life. The mundane things. The daily activities. They grow on us and they establish a stronghold on us unless we take charge of things and we break that encirclement that slowly happens around us, and we get caught napping. Just decide and get moving, the best thing and landing in such serene places and exploring the roots and being with the people and cherishing the very moments of being there and with them. Not thinking much and not doing excessive planning and just going with the flow.

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply


  24. Mcleodganj! Never heard of it. The photo looks fab so you have already convinced me to add it to my travel list!

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      You must Lavanya

  25. Beautifully written, Pooja. I make it a point to try local food wherever I visit because food is my passion 🙂 Haven’t tried solo travel ever, though.

  26. Traveling is the best therapy and learning experience. I am all for it. Enjoyed your blog!

  27. We learn something new with every travel experience. I love to explore local food while travelling. The pictures look wow, seems you had a wonderful trip.
     #MyFriendAlexa #zenithbuzzreads

  28. Amazing and beautiful post. Great food while traveling and fantastic trip. Great thoughts.

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thanks Humaira

  29. Absolutely! Travelling opens your mind in unimaginable ways. My husband wrote an open letter to our daughter on our blog talking about significance of travel. Do visit and read. Wish you many more adventures and travels!

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      I love fathers writing to their daughters. Would definitely read

  30. What I love most about travelling is that it opens up channels of creativity. Stories arrive unceremoniously and you have to sit up and take note.
    Great post.

  31. A lot of youngsters feel that quitting the job and traveling is the way forward. I don’t agree. We need to find some balance as you mentioned here.

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Exactly the idea just sounds fancy

  32. Travelling helps ooen up our minds and souks. It helps us get better at accepting diversity.

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