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Dear Bloggers

We all love the blogs we create, its our own little address in the whole wide world. Whether you have just started or you are this super blogger, one thing our blogs always craves for is a good rank, visitors who always return back and numbers that show a spike. Don’t we?

We all create good content but to how far the content reaches in this vast field of internet is important. To be honest we can never aspire to be viral (that’s unpredictable) but we can definitely create a buzz around our posts, we can create a niche around the genre we chose to blog on and that is exactly the reason why you should take “My Friend Alexa Season 3” with blogchatter.

So I will tell you my story. If the world of blogging would be a class, i would be the most notorious student, always standing outside due to punishment. A series of incomplete assignments, always forgetting to bring my homework notebook to school, not participating in sports activities with others, oh how dumb a student i am.

But amid this hopeless situation, i know one thing, that i love my blog. I love the way this child of mine always makes me happy. It’s like that bean bag in the front of a window overlooking misty hills where you want to sit for hours and read with a cup of chai. My blog is that happy space for me. When everything goes downhill, i cuddle up to this sweetheart and vent out about everything that is bothering me or just have a silent conversation with each other.

Because just writing and having no audience kills the vibes. So when I enrolled for the season two, I didn’t even know what an alexa rank was. I created good content and never marketed it. So I checked my alexa rank and whoa it was bad very bad. I wanted to bring it down (remember Alexa is like waistline, the lower, the sexier)

My global Alexa rank was 5,650,527 (Shuts my eyes in shock) and i didn’t have an India Rank (Faints…..)

Post Alexa my ranking improved to117%.

All you have to do is enrol, Writing 8 blog posts spread across the 4 week, lots and lots of reading, Networking, discovering new blogs and just dating the blogging world for a month.

One confession – Why i always hung around this community called #Blogchatter. In spite of not keeping up always, i love this space because i have met some very amazing people here. They all are amazing bloggers undoubtedly but the best part is how they all help each other grow. Women with strong voices, Men who make the world look a better place and a community where i have friends……Yes friends, that’s the word.

So I am taking My Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter for the sake of blogging and for friendship.

Visit this link to enrol for “My Friend Alexa Season 3

My Friend Alexa – the god of blogging – returns with Season 3

Happy Blogging



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  1. Hi Pooja. Very helpful post. This is my first time at #MyFriendAlexa

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thanks Huma.
      Hope you are having fun with Alexa

  2. Well said! I took this up because I know how valuable this is. It’s high time to work smart rather than working hard on the blog.

  3. I enjoy the season with blogchatter. Though it is a tiring task, I enjoy reading new blogs. It is Worth the time spent.

  4. This is my first season with #MyFriendAlexa and I am having great success. I love they way you describe that cozy place your blog is to you. All the best for season 3

  5. I am also participating in #myfriendalexa and really happy with results I got in half way, thanks for sharing #MyFriendAlexa #DelhibloggerReads

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