Dear Kate Spade, i hope you are at peace now

Dear Kate

As usual i was having an anxious night battling my demons when a push notification came on my phone about Kate Spade’s suicide, and I felt a rush of vertigo. I had to almost go lie down on bed to steady myself, had to take a few deep breaths.

I was introduced to you through an almost a possession like feeling by the cast of the Sex and the City. But for me you lived a life that others could only dream of. A small town girl turning into powerhouse of a businesswoman. Wife. Mother. Owner of the most amazing brand of bags.

And yet no one understood your depression. I know your therapist must have given you some pills, loved ones may have asked you to stay strong even shaming you for creating a problem that doesn’t exist.

I am sorry Kate.

I’m sorry that we could not return you a smile that you put on a humans face,  because they bought their first spade bag from own earnings.

I’m sorry that some are still scared by mental health, Kate. I’m sorry that some don’t understand it. And I’m sorry that the world still doesn’t always allow us to talk openly about it, without fear of prejudice.

I’m just so sorry you were sad, while you made so many others happy. So incredibly happy.

But yet you must’ve housed days of lonely sleepless nights, Kate. When one day you decided to end it for once.

So I’m sorry, Kate, that we could not give you the empathy because sadly we don’t feel any towards the one depressed.

I hope that you are now at peace, Kate. And happy. I hope you are so incredibly happy.



P.S- Hug extra tightly to the one you love, write to them and don’t forget P.S. I love you

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  1. Birinder Sidhu says: Reply

    Great writing with lots of empathy.

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