I will be waiting

I’ll be waiting

at the pub that had the neon lights

With “A” in nameplate missing

Waiting for celebratory drinks to wrap

Waiting for the loners to ask for a pour

Waiting for the waiter to say that’s a last order.


I’ll be waiting for you

With two wine glasses

Till they fool me into believing that

They form an image of your

nicotine stained lips

Half pursed

A distorted image


I’ll be waiting at the train door

To stare at you until you fade away

Waiting for last local

that ferries worn out hawkers

to middle aged wives and

Disgruntled relatives


I’ll wait at my sleepless balcony

With walls painted blue

.And look around for every sound

That signal the arrival of yellow flowers

And a notepad that quotes philosophers


I will wait

Because I fear

I fear of my vulnerabilities


I fear that someday you will forget

What color makes me smile

And how careless orchid from bush

Is my favourite part of life

How perfect roses hide the flaws


I fear that someday you will forget

My stereotypes with notepad

That I don’t buy my own ones

I will wait for you to remember


So, I’ll wait through the hackneyed years

For a peaceful soundless death –


But tell me honestly

Did you forget?


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