Those Moments

Those Moments
Like ordering everything on the menu
Just to watch you try to make me eat it all
Forgetting everything that shouldn’t be
And getting your call to get s reminder

Those Moments
of endless talks
Trying unsuccessfully to flirt my way
So that you get the clue
Those moments
Like finally having the guts to tell you
That because life throws you off your feet
And life is one mean little bitch
Sulking my way through my third cup of tea
Cursing the fate of love stories
Right until you walked in
And I fell in love with you
Those moments
Remind me why I fight through
Big times like these

Those moments
Like driving over the mountains
And chasing the rains
Just to be the first ones to kiss in the rain
Looking at the half moon together
How we forgot the taste of our kiss

Those moments
Like the first time you took me out
And we spent the whole evening in a weird silence
Whispering to yourself about not falling
Right up until I fell twice
Fell head over heels in loe
For you
Those moments
Like you running to bring that one smile
Off the clods that clutter
Staring at me with this look
That made me want to ask you if you were real
Those moments
Like that remind me
That the big times like these
Are worth fighting for
That the big fights like these
Are worth ending
If only for the shot to have one more

Those moments
A movie perfect scene in the hills
With a half moon as witness
And a storm that scared
So you ran upstairs, broke off one of your heels
And got us some fire
Those moments
Burning three attempts at the dinner you cooked
And begging the Chinese eatery on the phone
To put in one more order before they closed
And tipping  just to have the chance
To eat midnight fried rice on the living room floor
Because the table was full of
Foiled attempts at cooking

Those moments
Like those
So dear to me
Remind me there is no life too big
To exchange those little moments in return


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