P.S. I Love You #WorldBookDay

Someday there will be a notebook
A notebook with tattered pages
A notebook with Eiffel on the cover
A notebook picked up from an old bookseller
Because picking notebook was a habit
A habit he happily obliged
Because she thought she will write
She will write love songs
Love songs not about tall promises
Love songs not about eternity
But about how he fetched her all the chocolate
As he never knew what would ease her cramps
Love songs about how his eyes lit up
Everytime she walked towards him
Love songs about how he couldn’t hide his tears
Everytime she left
Someday there will be a table overlooking window
A table made of old teakwood
And a chair that would rest her aching back
And lost in the view outside window
She would finally write her lovesong
With trembling fingers and wrinkled skin
She will write and he will pick up his glasses to read
He will read and smile, smile with missing teeth
Her lovesong on yellow pages
“P.S. I love you

P.S-This is the writing corner of great romantics poet Keats. Keats breathed his last in this house in 1825 writing his last poem in this same table now preserved by his admirers called Keats and Shelly Museum.

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  4. Really beautiful! Love the poem.

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