Postcard from P – Don’t let go of your “typewriter”

Dear little boys and girls

Today i write a postcard to you where i talk about “your” typewriter. You know you will grow up reading, listening to the fact that you shouldn’t get attached to little things. Clinging on is a negative word, so i won’t use that. But you know, setting up little goals attached to the materialistic things help you work harder for it.

Today i woke up to a rainy morning when my body was almost about to give up due to sickness when i saw this photo of the writing corner of a writer friend of mine. I never had this big notions about a writing corner having raised up in a family where the only luxury my parents could afford was good education. (And blame it on reading a lot of romance novels, i secretly fantasized about the love of my life surprising me with a writing corner when i moved in which doesn’t happen in real life…….Ahem so much for being a romantic)

Well coming back to the little things. I saw this typewriter and whoa i almost forgot all my sickness. It was the most beautiful thing that i have seen, beautiful because since the age my world revolved around fairy tales, i always wanted to have a typewriter exactly like that. And i never got one. I let go of one thing that i really wanted to have. The picture of that typewriter made my stomach crawl in unhappiness. A wave of disappointment flashed by.

Somewhere no one will tell you that it’s never about an old typewriter or the red sports watch or the bike you lusted upon or the dress you have eyed  since months or the place that tops your dream destination or simply the pencil box with a superman on it, it’s about what you associated it with. It’s about having your own “I love myself”/”yes i can” moments in a world that is not so kind.

So, just remember never ever let go of “your” typewriter.

Promise me you won’t.





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