I wish you stay: Postcard from P

To the ones reading this.

This postcard comes after a long time. Somewhere all this time i could not write. Let’s talk about dreams today. Did you ever visit a place that made you crave that you could stay a little longer? May be you did. May be you don’t.

There is just this feeling, the uneasiness when you are about to leave a place the next morning and you don’t want the moon to go down. It always happened with me in all my travels.

And then there would be relationships you would want to be in, you would wish to stay longer, you would never want to leave and just for that very day, i want to wish something for you all:

I wish he remembers the way you take your coffee with icecream and then laugh about your weird choices

I wish he sees that you laugh off romance and still memorize the lines of your romantic movie

I wish he knows how much it bothers you, when he teases you about wanting to be taller.

I wish he notices the little things and how you go silent when sun sets.

I wish he notices the way your smile grows, when you see my favorite disney character.

I wish he reads your writing and never looks for himself.

I wish he knows what your eyes say and does not believe the words.

I wish he cares for you like you deserve to be.

I wish he makes you sit and tells you that you are much more than just pretty, you are his most beautiful someone in a different way.

I wish he never snatches you away from you.

I wish he cups your face and tells you how much he loves you before every kiss.

I wish he talks aloud to you all the things that he would never say that to anyone

I wish he never lets you to change come what may.

I wish this stays for ever.


And when this stays the way i wished for all you little girls out there, do write to me and tell me your stories, i would be this old woman in her little lonely house who will have a smile on her face when she reads that he came along and most importantly

You stayed………..





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  1. Its so beautiful.

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thanks Aparna

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