That was a difficult rescue…..I am glad you did

You know what is the most beautiful thing in this chaotic world full of people that pull us down. The one’s that rescue the “Us” that really can save us. Sounds confusing na?

Fighting my anxiety and a low phase i come across a phone call in which my daddy….sorry my friend tells me little stories, stories that speak of how fitting in to other’s idea of life is so overrated, stories of how forgiveness is the journey we all should take and there at that moment he makes me believe again; in life, in love and in my potential.

Thank you to the ones who unknowingly bring us back to life just by being there, just by supporting us, just by listening and just by reassuring us that they’re not going anywhere.

A friend who patiently waits for me to be ready again, so that they can show us the kind of love we deserve, the kind of love we are capable of giving back, the kind of love we stopped  believing in.

Thank you to the ones who don’t make us feel guilty or don’t take pleasure in suffering. To the ones who held our hand when everyone gladly left away.

To the one’s who send an occasional text saying “Are you okay”. to the one’s who just wander around until we heal, to the ones who don’t scourge for reasons to give up on us, to the one’s who still believe in dreams of shattered us, to the ones who just shun out every voice that says otherwise.

Thank you to those angels. Thank you for bringing back a smile that went missing like your favorite pet. Thank you for keeping us above hatred, above life’s priorities. above routine that runs you, above fear.

To the one’s who renewed our faiths in kindness, goodness, infinite potential of a loving heart.

THANK YOU…………for a difficult rescue. I am glad you did stick around.

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  1. nice thoughts thanks for sharing with us

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