The Two Love………..

There are two kinds of people

Who will walk through that door

One which will make you comfortable

Like a coffee at a quaint sunset

One who will look at you with

A shine in their eyes

One who will buy you chocolates

That tastes familiar

One who will ask you out for a dance

And then will come someone

Who is like smudged words

Of a coffee spilled on your fuchisia table top

One whose taste lingers

One who makes you crawl in your skin

One whose whispers drip to the nape of neck

One whose kiss are a scar that leaves its mark

One who leaves like a bruise and still doesn’t leave

One who doesn’t seem familiar in this world

One you have known from a distant galaxy

In another time

In another place

In another moment maybe

You won’t want to fall in love

You will burn in love

You will drown in someone

Artwork by Ceasar Biojo

P.S- I am writing this post for #MyFriendAlexa by Blogchatter


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  1. You have painted two different scenarios which is apt based on the iamge, but at the end you paint a convergence of the two scenarios is what striked me the most.

    The line ‘One who leaves like a bruise and still doesn’t leave’ stayed with me.

    A lovely poem, Pooja.

  2. Two different yet real scenarios of love in a persons life. Really enjoyed the read.

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