Nukkad Teafé- This is a place how our world should be exactly like, a HAPPY place

In the sleepy town of Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, there is a café with which you would like to have a long term commitment with. The ‘Nukkad Teafe’ only employees people with visual and speech impairment along with members of the transgender community and that is why I say we need a world like “Nukkad Teafe”, inclusive and accommodating.

If you visit this happy place and manage to be away from your phone, you can also earn a 10 per cent discount on the total bill, one condition- leave your phones at the counter and for a change, just talk.

An interior that is rich in tribal art, funky quotes scattered cushions to make you all comfy, a guitar in case you wished to sing along, books lying around which you can pick up to read, customers can easily order anything from menu to the ones serving who are deaf and dumb- write down your order on a note and you will be served with a smile.


There are ludo, chess, board games to keep yourself engaged. If you are one of those who just wants to read or write something in your diary (like me), Nukkad is the place for you.

Head definitely to this amazing place which is not just working for an amazing social cause it’s also teaching people what they need to learn- Empathy towards the differently abled and to be social without social media.

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  1. Dear WWW,
    Thanks for letting us know about this amazing place. I wish there were such inclusive cafes in every corner of this country.

  2. Wow this sounds so liberating. Also breaking the sterotypes in a small place like Chattisgarh. Kudos to the people behind it.

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    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      This is definitely a liberating place

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