You thought they existed only in movies………#AtoZThemeReveal

The suicide of Robin Williams had a profound effect on many people who felt that he was a part of their life, having grown up with him on TV.  It made people stop and think how such a vibrant and dynamic person may have suffered silently.

It is critical that persons with mental illness realize they are not alone and that there is support to help them through difficult times. Most importantly, it’s essential that they understand it is possible to cope with and recover from the grips of mental illness

Mental Health is still a word we don’t want to talk about. A taboo which prevents people from talking about their suffering.

Rather than ask why so many people are living with mental health problems, we will seek to uncover why too few of us are thriving with good mental health. With people struggling to cope with the demands of life and stuck on getting through the day, we will explore through the world of movie characters.

The characters from cinema we have loved, the characters we have hated but they come from within us. There is “A beautiful mind” between us, a “Silver linings” among a dark clouds of mental illness, a “Kartik” always calls another “Kartik” in a parallel world.

All through April, let’s spread the awareness against Mental illness and why it’s necessary to speak up through the power of cinema only on #AtoZChallenge.

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  1. More power to you to successfully complete this challenge in increasing mental health awareness! A cousin of mine has been doing the same through her art, and I looking forward to your posts

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Please share your cousin’s work too Namratha

  2. A much needed topic that we should talk a lot more about . I am looking forward to join this conversation Pooja . It’s a topic I’d love to write about too until that day I would read you and share my views in your space ..

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thanks for inspiring and actually pushing me to write.

  3. What an amazing way to talk about such an important issue. Look forward to read interesting and enlightening thoughts on the topic.

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thank you Deepali. Looking forward for your posts too.

  4. Pooja, more power to you for taking up this theme! This is much needed. I will cheer you on through this A-Z journey. All the very best!

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thanks Aditi. Cheering you back.

  5. This is a wonderfully creative way to get a very pertinent message across… Looking forward to it.

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thanks Roshan, this comes from a person whose blog i admire.

  6. Mental illness is a topic close to my heart. I loved the beautiful connect of the much-celebrated art form, cinema, and the taboo topic, mental illnesses you intend to highlight through your posts all through April.
    Good Luck for the A to Z Challenge, I’ll be eagerly waiting for your posts.

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thank you Era. Let’s blog together

  7. Fantastic topic, Pooja. It is much needed in today’s world and showcasing it through movies is a brilliant idea. Looking forward to reading your posts. Happy A to Z 🙂

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thank you Shalini, i really believe in this cause

  8. What a powerful theme, and so important in today’s culture where there is still a lot of taboo and misunderstanding about mental health.

    Ros at Fangirl Stitches

    1. Dr. Pooja Tripathi says: Reply

      Thanks Ros

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