Because I am Happy in being me

She was born with a mole on her feet and someone said

Oh she will be a disagreeing soul and would always tread

Then she wanders in search of memories that are dragged

Drunk on nostalgia and away from the cities that brag

Some call her lost

Some call her strong

She still hums and dances on that 90s song

And beyond the labels that you bestow upon her

She knows she was born to be an outlaw among all who surrender

Her scars go deep where no one can see

And she kisses mountains with a happy glee

Leans out of car screen and drinks dew drops

Walks barefoot on a moonlit beach in a worn out top

She still watches P.S.I love you on saturday nights

And her heart skips a beat when he says “P.S.I love you” a 100th time

So go call her names and scream it loud

The itching feet

The nomadic tribe

The cold solitary soul

The wandering girl who won’t fit in

But let you know that she is happy

Being happy because I am being me.”

I am writing this post for the blogchatter prompt “Because I am happy”. You can read more amazing posts at

9 Replies to “Because I am Happy in being me”

  1. A Big shout out to the happy You! I loved the way you have described the quirks of You!!
    ” Leans out of car screen to drink dew drops” – that evokes such a free spirited imagery- Kudos

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