Beginning  Today

Beginning today 

I look into the woods 

And realize that life is just 

A season of spring

Before the  autumn  knocks

Beginning  today 

I learn that some relationships

Are like the first shower

They bring sporadic joy

But are just the first shower

As the year changes 

Beginning  today

I come to know 

That there was more to school

Than just  grades

There was more to college 

Than graduation  day

There was more to hangouts

Than the first joint

There was more to first Love 

Than the goosebumps

Beginning  today

I see dreams like a passing year

They do end after a while

But leave behind

A reason to stay alive

I am writing this post with Blogchatter for there prompt.

6 Replies to “Beginning  Today”

  1. Every year , every day , every moment is a fresh start but the one that we leave behind is special too coz it was once brand new too .. three’s more to poetry than words and your post just showed that .

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