I wish i were …………


Image Courtesy- Sandals wedding Blog

I wish I were

the moment before the first kiss

The shivers of hands when they first meet

The expressions of fingers on your back

the breaths that skip a beat

I wish i were

The hug that embraces and melts within

The passion in eyes when they finally meet

The moist touch on nape of neck

The falling hair that hides the face

I wish i were

The sweet noting which trickles down

the whispers which scream “You are mine”

that smell which is so familiar

the curling of toes and digging deeper

I wish i were

the song of love

the dance of passion

the making of memories

the writing of a poetry.


18 Replies to “I wish i were …………”

  1. Pooja I am a huge fan of your poetry. And this one is again a master piece 🙂 I wish I was the moment before first kiss <3

  2. Pooja you are a magician with words and pictures and that piece out there with the curling of toes and the moment before the kiss and all those gorgeous visuals you throw at us .. was beautiful combination of both 🙂

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