Thank You 2016 #GratitudePost1



I am planning to write a series of posts as a gratitude to 2016. Before the calendars turn and we have 2017 right in front of our face, i want to say a thank you to 2016.

“Here goes another year

Leaving behind

A bucket full of memories

And a high tide that blew some away

What I learnt this year

We are never ever prepared

For what life has in store

But we deal with them anyways

Thank you 2016 for teaching me this

That I may not have answers and it’s okay

I may stumble and be on ground for a while

And that’s completely okay

What I learnt this year we are never ready for a yes

Love scares the shit out of us

And we still want to fall again

We never grow out of the idea of love

So Thank you 2016 for teaching me

That there is no perfect time, no perfect name

That you meet assholes on your way and that’s okay

That you fall in destructive love all over again

And yes that too is okay

What I learnt from this year, that it’s dirt all around us

And we should dust them often

To meet people that really should matter

That I don’t have to pretend a yes when I mean no

So Thank You 2016 for teaching me

That When you love yourself and say a no

You fucking care about if it’s rain or a snow

You just pick up an umbrella for a beautiful picture

And then soak in happiness and yay reach a juncture

Thank you 2016 for teaching me this

That I have a shot ahead like everyone else

And even if things don’t fall in place

It’s okay

And even if this does not score a boundary

That’s also okay

At least you have some words to write

And in december you think that this poem is going right

ये चाय की पत्तियाँ बिलकुल मेरे पापा सी

fb_img_1472647228835“ठिठुरती सी सुबह में
अलसायी आँखों को खोलने की कोशिश
चाय बनाने को उठी मैं
दुधीले सफ़ेद को
सुनहरा करती ये चाय की पत्तियां
लगी मुझे कुछ पहचानी सी
रंगों को भरते
सबमें मिलकर ,सबसे मिलकर
कुछ नया गढ़ते
और फिर भी खुद सा ही रहते
ये चाय की पत्तियाँ
लगी मुझे कुछ जानी पहचानी सी
लगी मुझे मेरे पापा सी
जिनके बिना रंग भी ठहरे हैं
और ज़िन्दगी का जायका भी
ये चाय की पत्तियाँ
बिलकुल मेरे पापा सी”


This post is written for Blogchatter’s prompt for the week – INTERNATIONAL TEA DAY

Benaras…….The Photo story

Benaras- the dreamy land of majestic ganga, the land of saffron tinted Sky and sadhus, the land of exquisite street food and the land of slow talks and long walks. Call it Kashi or Benaras, while Kashi signifes the spiritual part of this land of Moksha and Karma,  Benaras is the way of life. The sun kissed ghats, the migratory birds, the humming of the mighty Ganga, the food joints that sing to call you, the serene boat ride and of course the benarsi sarees. Kashi is so much activity going on at one time, at one place that you are mesmerized with what to capture and what to live. Like a sadhu whom i asked to pose said “You can not capture Kashi in one frame”…….I don’t want to either, i will revisit Kashi again and again. So here are the pictures (Copyright- Dr Pooja Tripathi). Sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy.

The morning activity when benaras wakes up to bells and shlokas


The migratory birds and their short lived affair with Ganga
The beautiful walls of Ghaats
दो दीवाने शहर में, आबोदाना ढूंढते हैं
Chai And Benaras- Uniting a benarasi, hollywood producer, Painter, a travel blogger and two dogs.
The amazing graffitti will take you back to Benaras
I am in love with this city like a love like a crush i can’t get over it
Sarnath Buddha Temple: It is better to travel well than to arrive- Buddha
I have learned that if you must leave a place that you have lived in and loved and where all your yesteryears are buried deep, leave it any way except a slow way, leave it the fastest way you can. Never turn back and never believe that an hour you remember is a better hour because it is dead. Passed years seem safe ones, vanquished ones, while the future lives in a cloud, formidable from a distance.” Sarnath Remains, Varanasi


Will come back with Ganga Arti pictures soon…….Leave a comment if you loved the pictures.




The Calling….Sometimes you need to get away to find yourself


So one fine day I receive “The Calling” by Priya kumar for an honest review. The bibliophile I am, I restrain myself from reading motivational books. I find them preachy and the kind of girl I am I really believe that no one can tell you how to go ahead with your life.

And that’s the best part of “The Calling”, it never instructs you anything at any point of time. Author introduces us to the main protagonist Arjun and takes us on a spiritual journey with his story.

The calling is a journey where we meet ourselves, the humans hidden in ourselves, the wisdom that is inherently in us by virtue of being a human. At the junction of a personal breakdown, Arjun goes on a trip to Himalayas, on the insistence of a saint, who predicted that the journey up to Hemkund Sahib would align him with a positive energy.

At every turn the mountains throw challenges that help Arjun to evolve into the person he was lost. Everything seems clear as Arjun is able to see his own life as a slideshow through his eyes. The journey that was started as an escape from the reality, in the same journey he finds himself. Filled with spiritual insights and sprinkled with light humor, this story will help you find your calling, your voice and who knows, even the lost love for yourself.

We all are going through a tumultuous journey where we seek answers, we know we have to carve out our own paths but following Arjun’s journey, we may find a calling to clearly see the path ahead and where it takes us.

Through little quotes and words of wisdom laced with an excellent narration, Priya Kumar takes us on an inspirational ride. And at the end of the day, isn’t that’s the most important thing – To be happy and peaceful in life.

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चाय और Ex

ऐसी ही किसी कोहरे वाली शाम को 

चाय पर तुमसे कह  देगा  वो  

बातें सारी बीती हुईं 

एक ठहरे  Ex के अक्स की 

और गिना देगा वो गलतियां 

अपनी कम , उसकी ज्यादा 

फिर कोहरे को देखकर खुद से  कहेगा 

कि शायद वक़्त गलत था 

कि कोई इतना भी गलत नहीं होता 

और ऐसा कहते वो देखेगा  कोहरे के उस पार 

जिस पार इसे  कुछ  दिखता ही नहीं

सिर्फ उसे  दिखता है कोई चेहरा 

इस अकेले वक़्त में 

उसे पता  है  कि वो खुद से बात कर  रहा है 

और वो वहां होकर भी नहीं  थी 

वापस लौट  आएगा  वो अचानक से

“Can i smoke a cigarette” और 

“एक और चाय पियें ?” के बीच 

फिर बातें  करेगा  वो  इधर की और उधर की 

उदास आँखों में इंतज़ार लिये 

उसे कह ने  देना सब कुछ 


एक अधूरी आस और पूरी आह के छोर पर 

कुछ कदम ही सही 

तुम साथ चले थे 

तुम  हमसफ़र थे 

Photo Credit- Dr Pooja Tripathi

Beginning  Today

Beginning today 

I look into the woods 

And realize that life is just 

A season of spring

Before the  autumn  knocks

Beginning  today 

I learn that some relationships

Are like the first shower

They bring sporadic joy

But are just the first shower

As the year changes 

Beginning  today

I come to know 

That there was more to school

Than just  grades

There was more to college 

Than graduation  day

There was more to hangouts

Than the first joint

There was more to first Love 

Than the goosebumps

Beginning  today

I see dreams like a passing year

They do end after a while

But leave behind

A reason to stay alive

I am writing this post with Blogchatter for there prompt.

We all have a Jayalalitha within us


After Amma’s death, I have been reading a lot about this woman, not as a politician but as a woman and man I am impressed. You may criticize her way of politics,you may criticize her for the amount of corruption, you may criticize her blind trust first on MGR and then on Sasikala but you can’t deny the fact that this woman took it back on each and every person who turned her down. Reading Simi Garewal’s interview:

Simi: Jayaji, whenever a woman is successful, the world always manages to give the credit to a man. It seems to me that the greatest battles you have fought and won were after MGR died.

Jayalalithaa: You are absolutely right. Because as long as he was there, he was the leader. I only had to follow his instructions. After his death I was left to fend for myself. I was left totally alone. And he didn’t smoothen the way for me to become his success. He didn’t. Not like Indira Gandhi did for Rajiv Gandhi. She groomed him, paved the way so that he could smoothly move to take over as her successor. Now if you look at all the other women leaders who have made it to the top in Asia, they were all the daughters, wives or widows of former prime ministers or presidents. Because if you’re a wife, automatically so much respect is given to you. People talk about you, refer to you, with respect. But such wasn’t the case with me. Though Dr MGR introduced me to politics, he certainly didn’t smoothen the way for me, he didn’t make anything easy for me. I had to fight and struggle my way up every inch of the way.


Jayalalithaa stepped into the iconic shoes of MGR when there were words about his incapability as a woman. Her movie star charisma turned into unquestioned political authority where while once she was near to being disrobed on the floor of legislative assembly to turning Amma where she garnered huge respect among millions of Tamilians.

On December 24, 1987, Jayalalithaa had astounded mourners on the steps of the same hall when she fought exhaustion and swallowed her pride as she stood vigil by MGR’s body for two days despite efforts by MGR’s family to push her away.

Almost 30 years later, she returned to where she once stood as an other woman this time as a leader with a rich political legacy and a battalion of followers.


On March 25, 1989, trouble broke out even as Karunanidhi, who also held the finance portfolio, was presenting the budget and Jayalalitha, as the leader of the Opposition, was obstructing proceedings. She was very vocal in her demand that Karunanidhi resign. She summoned AIADMK MLA K.A. Sengottiyan to ‘attack’ the CM. In the pandemonium that followed, Jayalalitha was roughed up by DMK members led by Durai Murugan.

But Jayalalitha’s antipathy towards Karunanidhi dates back to MGR’s death. Karun-anidhi and his deputy K. Anbazhagan had then publicly denounced her as a political non-entity. During the 1989 assembly campaign, the DMK deliberately avoided mentioning her or her party, since Karunanidhi’s stand was that the AIADMK under Jayalalitha was an insignificant force. She has not forgotten the humiliation.


She took back every incident of humiliation, insult and shaming in a way that is historical. The images of teary eyed Jayalalitha not even flinching a little at MGR’s funeral is in itself a witness to the strong willed politician that she would turn out in future.

We all have a Jayalalitha within us, a revenge we want to take, equaling it with someone is on our wish list, a humiliation we want to give back. May we channel it into something as huge as Jayalalitha or learn to let it go.

#RIPAmma………You were one hell of a woman.


I wish i were …………


Image Courtesy- Sandals wedding Blog

I wish I were

the moment before the first kiss

The shivers of hands when they first meet

The expressions of fingers on your back

the breaths that skip a beat

I wish i were

The hug that embraces and melts within

The passion in eyes when they finally meet

The moist touch on nape of neck

The falling hair that hides the face

I wish i were

The sweet noting which trickles down

the whispers which scream “You are mine”

that smell which is so familiar

the curling of toes and digging deeper

I wish i were

the song of love

the dance of passion

the making of memories

the writing of a poetry.