We all are November


Here comes the November

the month of autumn leaves

the season takes a turn in deep sleep

Like promises turn away suddenly

when the morning cold

speak of incomplete desires

The zari border ripped of a benarasee saree

i had long kept to save up a memory

What are we, a question lingers

The tangerine hue of a summer afternoon

the arid dreams in a desolate life

the crimson shades of an evening in spring

or the shivers, quiver, shudder of a winter night

We all are distracted flustered souls

A little in October

afraid of December

Wanting to be ubiquitous

here and there, inside -out

We all are fragments of November.

P.S.- I am writing this poem to mark the advent of Blogbuddy3.0 program in November

with Blogchatter and let me introduce you to the buddies with whom i will be blogging with. Make way for Expecto Patronum


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