Dear Pseudo Feminist Girl in town

I wrote this piece for #DelhiPoetrySlam  retreat and was amazed at the response i got after this. My buddy at Bihar ( Remya meri jaan ), my  rockstar friend Praicey help me improvise it and my beautiful roomies at Jaipur – Neha and Sidd were so enthusiastic about making it perfect. A poem that slams pseudo feminists came up with the help of some wonderful women who are pure and raw in their thinking. More power to women like you.


“Dear Pseudo feminist girl in the town
I see so much of you these days around.
I know you are cool
I know you meant good
But when did you actually drift away
Where was that turn when you lost your away
We started off together on this beautiful journey
Of fighting for equality and gender parity
But let me tell you a little story
Do you care about one kusum going back to brothels
Or its just the fab India sarees about which you only bother.
Do you know a Laxmi who  faces domestic violence
But your dharnas and pradarshans are still in abundance
In Churu a Rani is married at the age of 5
And your pink or blue or green chaddhi campaign are still giving you high
The sex workers at GTB road have a life that is an absolute mess.
Just tell me, confessing about your bra color campaign is awareness?.
You know I liked you once
I dated you long
I was so fond of you
I thought that the bond was strong.
Came the barge of opinions and volley of accusations
Dear pseudo feminist girl in the town
When did a beautiful movement that started back there

turn into “Why the Fuck are men even here”
Away from the real life problems
And the issues that matter
All you care about is those 140 characters.
I don’t need your idea of feminism because
I believe in equality not supremacy
Because misandry is as bad as misogyny
Because men are not presumptive rapists
Because women are not always the helpless victims.
Dear pseudo feminist girl in town
Chill a little
Take a long breath
Lets get together and throw away the labels
Of feminism
Of sexism
Of racism
Of religion
Lets join hands and throw away the hatred
A father
A brother
A friend
A boyfriend
A husband
A son
Can’t you see any of the good men?
So dear pseudo feminist girl in town
Don’t turn feminism into
Another form of division
I am for feminism that is humanism.
You meet at hard rock cafe
On a Friday night
Order oh blood Mary
Oh ……Oh sorry that’s a ladies drink
You order some whiskey and some rum
And collectively  start abusing men
“Saale C****YE hain saare”

I know abuses are just words sweetheart
But drinks can be ladies and not the world
So Dear Pseudo Feminist,let’s hang together
You gotta tell me what’s your dimaag ke andar
Your dharnas aren’t making any difference
To kusum and friends

Everyday, every moment
They are still toying the line of domestic violence.”

Thank you #DelhiPoetrySlam and our amazing mentor- Jamaal Jackson Rogers. I love you for the amazing person you are.

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