Travelling solo is not everyone’s cup of tea

A suitcase in hand
Backpack tugged at back

A sling swinging along

And shoelaces on

She runs and runs towards a train

Enter B 1 and takes a deep breath

Throw off  her jacket and stretches her legs

And says a voice from behind

What is your seat , 17 is  mine

No 17 is mine and you should confirm.

Takes out phone to recheck

17 is hers but there is some confusion

The coach isB 7 and not the claimed one

She says a sorry and picks up luggage

Crashing down on almost every foot

At last She reaches Seat number 17, B7

And Then starts the real journey

Sits in front a groin scratching monkey

The minute you lookup from your book

There is an uncle ready to shoot

Beta,what do you exactly do

Then there is always an aunty with that look

Thank god my daughter does not roam

A caterer who thinks he should be extra nice

An elderly who gives you free advice

You reach a hotel ,book your room

And The One at reception asks “Is that all?”

You go to restaurant,the manager smiles

“Table for two mam”

You smile and say”Someday later,for today just take my order”

You explore the places and get the same stare

Why the Fuck are You alone here.

It’s time to leave and as usual you are  late

You run towards platform and boom!There goes the sandle.

Juggling bags and yourself at the same time

Someone calls in background”Do You need any help”

I look up and say “Thank You So much,I will manage’

So when someone praises you for travelling solo

And tell you “Oh,how amazing it must be”

With all the baggage and teething problems

Travelling solo is not everyone’s cup of tea.

But it’s as liberating as one can see

Postcard from P : You are not there to fix someone


Dear little boys and girls

It’s been a long gap that i wrote a postcard to you. Sometimes i feel i have said it all and sometimes it occurs that i have said nothing. You will read these postcards even after i leave because words stay back.

So, in your life you will always find a person who would seem perfect in so many ways and you would put him/ her on a pedestal instead of looking for the cracks.Cracks, everyone of us is broken but do remember no one is there to fix you up.

You may have your bad past experiences but that’s past, that’s gone. Everyone is a completely different person. You can not compare one with another, you can not stop living for the fear of dying. No one can set conditions for you, they have to accept you for whatever you are…….Period.

If someone tells you that you should rather fix the broken parts or love you in the boundaries created, say a sorry and move on. I guess that’s what love does to you, it makes you reckless and stupid. It makes you confirm to some bullshit preformed idea of attachment.

Every love story is different, treasure people not ideas: Detached, surrender, no strings attached, crazy, madly are just words. In the end it’s all about how badly you want to be with someone.

If terms come up and not you, free yourself. Believe me, it may seem that it’s you who is in pain but its you who is free, that’s something the other one willl never be able to.

Love people not the idea of what kind of love someone wants.

Take efforts, Life is too short to loose someone who created a spark.

Happy Loving, Happy Living



पहाड़ों के लिहाफ़ में



पहाड़ों के लिहाफ़ में

सिमटे हुये, पैरों को सिकोड़े

एक रुका हुआ वक़्त

कुछ दोस्त, कई किस्से

वो प्यार के सबके अपने फलसफे

ज़िन्दगी की दौड़ से अलग हटकर

खुद को देखते, बस देखते

किसी को समझाने की जिद नहीं

यादों के फोल्डर से

निकाल के कुछ अधूरे ख्वाब

हरी घास पर, ओस की बूँद पर बैठे

कुछ दोस्त, कई किस्से

बेबाक होने का सुकून

न कुछ प्रूव करने की घबराहट

कहीं न जाने को उतरती सीढ़ियाँ

खिड़की पर चाँद का धुंधला अक्स

अचानक से आती किसी हेडलाइट की रौशनी

रात के अंतिम पहर में

बेखयाली में हँसते

तसल्ली की 5 चाय

और बेफिक्री की मैगी

पहाड़ों के लिहाफ़ में

सिमटे हुये, पैरों को सिकोड़े

एक रुका हुआ वक़्त

कुछ दोस्त, कई किस्से