Meet the love of today: Let’s run from commitment… far as we can

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Tinder is hot these days, you swipe right and you get a hot date, but what if we can have better options? we wonder and swipe left .We are always looking for better options. Welcome to this generation of  gadget addict, social media screaming and the most insecure couples……..Welcome to the generation of Let’s make love but don’t call it love generation.

We use the red hearts as frequent as we can, we want our instagram pictures to be filtered for imperfections, to be filtered off commitment. We tag each other on facebook, write long love sagas and give serious relationship goals to the audience but then we pick up whatsapp and message someone ” I thought about you the whole night”.Welcome to the generation of : We want relationship but don’t call it relationship.

We don’t want to be tagged as taken, there are so many to explore. The world is so big, why stop at one place. We want to text, we want to tweet, we want to flirt, we even want to live in but hey don’t bring the “M” word, it spoils all the fun. We want the idea of a partner but the whole idea of a soulmate scares the shit out of us.Welcome  to the generation of keep the baggage light, It’s easier to travel ahead.

We have terms and conditions all laid out and we talk of “No Strings attached”. We want to watch the Game of thrones and make love, go out for smoke and message someone else.We don’t want to stay there in the moment. We want to travel together, we want to share, we want a shoulder to cry but Aha we don’t want love. Welcome  to the generation of too much thought and labelled available.

We have excuses, yes we have read a lot :

It’s spoiled when dragged”, “

I want to walk along till that turn”,

“Come on we can still be friends”

“I am with her but find you hot”

” Be in touch when you are gone”

” Let’s make it beautiful however short”

Welcome to the generation of the “No relationship” tags.We want all the goods and keep out the bads. We want to be attached with our shoe laces on.

We run from commitment, as far as we can.

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  1. I would like to tell about the people who do honour the commitment and fight for what they love. But who am I to speak of love when I have been single all my life?
    I would like to point out the beautiful people and their impeccable love sagas, but what do I know of love, for I have dared to even look.
    I would to tell about the people who have always been there for each other and have always genuinely cared and given their everything for what they believe in, but we live in a generation that has spoiled the very essence of commitment and plagued the beautiful thin called love.
    Among all this melodrama, we still want to be be one with full commitment and give our best, but aren’t we a little scared of the others commitment?
    What would be solution for all this endemic plaguing our lives?

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