Postcard from P : Because Shitty things happen to beautiful people too

Dear little boys and girls

(Too much of readers complained that i write postcards to only little girls. I am no Amitabh Bachhan so i address this postcard to all you young people)

I have a habit of leaving things incomplete and so the last postcard was a while ago. I love writing postcards to you so don’t want to miss out on this one. When you will be young boys and girls, the world will be a completely different world altogether. The inhibitions will turn into saying it all, letters will be extinct and taken over by messengers, you will have various types of categories for relationships- open, close, complicated, compartment…..but the fact is you will fall in love.

Love can never be out of fashion, only we will be.

Love is joy and love is pain. It is a roller coaster ride that has a tingling feeling, new experiences, desire for someone, lust, castles for future, anxiety, fear and definitely tears. Love is writing poetry, Love is singing stupid old songs for someone. Love is feeling hopeless but not giving up and love is sharing your life, the good and bad part of it. Love has no age but people make you realize that you are defined by a number that is called age.

They will say to you “You can not have a heartbreak at this age”. It’s okay, If love can make you feel on top of the world, it can make you feel vulnerable too. You want to cry, do cry. You want to scream, do scream and do remember whenever someone says that this is not your age, this postcard is whispering in your ears “It is okay, I understand.”

Shitty things happen to good people too, You come across assholes in life.

Get up, wear an amazing smile and keep this in mind

“You are lot more wonderful,beautiful and special than you ever say that for yourself.”

I believe in you.





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