A period horror story that’s causing young dads to message me


So i wrote this answer on Quora and the cutest part is men messaging me that my dad is coolest and they will treat their daughter in the same way. Go ahead men, i know this feminist thing is too much of these days and yeah i strongly advocate your paternity leaves.

What is your most embarrassing period story ?

I have to answer this because it teaches us that in our society we get embarrassed at trivial issues which are nothing to be embarrassed of. We don’t get embarrassed of women being molested, of the lewd comments that come across our ways but that stain on your dress makes the world crumbling down.

The first time i started menstruating: It was when i was in 9th standard and my periods started in school, i was on the volleyball ground when i experienced an unusual kind of pain. It was Saturday and i was wearing a white uniform which was i think stained and i had no idea why. Now one of the teacher calls me and asks me to sit with her, i don’t understand why. She was the class teacher of preschool kids and just asked me to sit on the side of her chair. I sat with kids yelling and crying, you must see what LKG kids turn into when the time that’s near to school off arrives, they turn into literal monsters. She then calls the peon and another teacher comes. Now they have a hush hush talk about something which they don’t care to explain me.

One of the teacher comes to me and asks the phone number of my home. I told her that due to my Grandmother’s sudden demise no one is at home and i go straightaway to my Uncle’s home after school with dad. She asks for my uncle’s number, i said i don’t remember.

Now they dial my dad and ask him to come. They don’t let me take the school bus too and inform me that my dad is coming to pick me up. Now i am dead scared, what did i do wrong that my dad is called to school.

I was practicing volleyball during class hours, maybe that’s why.

Now one of the teacher gets me tea and biscuits.

I think “I don’t identify the world anymore,my dad is called, teachers are so caring and i have no idea why”

Well dad comes and again the teachers have a hush hush talk with him.

I have this feeling of puking out and just few days back i saw a movie on tv where Amitabh Bachhan has brain tumor and he has this headache and he vomits. I remember how doctors were hesitant to tell him.

Then it striked to me……….OMG I HAVE CANCER.

Dad takes me home (not my uncle’s home) and explains me in very simple biological words that i have got my periods and how should i take care of it. I am relieved that i am not dying of cancer.He helps me take a neat cotton cloth and then we both go to my Uncle’s home where my mom takes the baton in her hand.

I wish my teachers were half as cool as my dad.

I wish we talk freely about periods and not make it an embarrassment.


Daddy’s Girl.

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  1. So well written. I get that feeling which you described about the cancer! One of my friends got her period, was sent back from school equally hush hush and all of us started believing that she had a heart attack! I wish everyone was as cool as your dad!

    1. Cheers to my dad and to all of us hush hush victims 🙂 Love Preethi

  2. So well written really and I laughed a lot at the “OMG I HAVE CANCER” wala part, that was funny, really. And yep i too wish that everyone in the world was cool as your dad but unfortunately we’re stuck between sick mentality of people around us..! Anyhow, Read your first story will read more asap i get time. Blog name sounds interesting too. Keep writing. I would like to read more stories. 🙂

    1. Please do visit and read Anshumaan

  3. He he the cancer one thing 😀 …
    Cute post.
    No embarrassing thing to talk about periods .

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