Meet the love of today: Let’s run from commitment… far as we can

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Tinder is hot these days, you swipe right and you get a hot date, but what if we can have better options? we wonder and swipe left .We are always looking for better options. Welcome to this generation of  gadget addict, social media screaming and the most insecure couples……..Welcome to the generation of Let’s make love but don’t call it love generation.

We use the red hearts as frequent as we can, we want our instagram pictures to be filtered for imperfections, to be filtered off commitment. We tag each other on facebook, write long love sagas and give serious relationship goals to the audience but then we pick up whatsapp and message someone ” I thought about you the whole night”.Welcome to the generation of : We want relationship but don’t call it relationship.

We don’t want to be tagged as taken, there are so many to explore. The world is so big, why stop at one place. We want to text, we want to tweet, we want to flirt, we even want to live in but hey don’t bring the “M” word, it spoils all the fun. We want the idea of a partner but the whole idea of a soulmate scares the shit out of us.Welcome  to the generation of keep the baggage light, It’s easier to travel ahead.

We have terms and conditions all laid out and we talk of “No Strings attached”. We want to watch the Game of thrones and make love, go out for smoke and message someone else.We don’t want to stay there in the moment. We want to travel together, we want to share, we want a shoulder to cry but Aha we don’t want love. Welcome  to the generation of too much thought and labelled available.

We have excuses, yes we have read a lot :

It’s spoiled when dragged”, “

I want to walk along till that turn”,

“Come on we can still be friends”

“I am with her but find you hot”

” Be in touch when you are gone”

” Let’s make it beautiful however short”

Welcome to the generation of the “No relationship” tags.We want all the goods and keep out the bads. We want to be attached with our shoe laces on.

We run from commitment, as far as we can.

Dear Indian Army, I need to ask you some questions

Dear Indian Army

This comes from an Indian who has the utmost respect for the men and women in uniform. This comes from a girl who when sees someone in olive green says a thank you. This comes from a youth who has made short films on Army and participated in Vijay Diwas celebration with a salute. This comes from an Indian who is proud of Indian Army and……………ashamed of the recent attacks. Yes ashamed.

The whole country stands together in this moment of grief and shock. We lost 18 men yesterday, The audacious terrorist strike on Sunday morning at the Indian Army headquarters in Uri — that claimed the lives of 18 soldiers and wounded another 18 is a big number. We should be enraged for the loss of even one man but count Uri, Pathankot, Pampore…………35 soldiers died and 1740 injured in just last quarter of 2016.

So here my question is Where is our preparedness? Air base, Indian Army headquarter, these are the strategic areas and not any random tourist place we are talking about. A bunch of terrorists who had just passed out from terror camps, don a fake uniform, pick a vehicle, cross over walls and fire. WTF is wrong with the intelligence of our country. Any tom, dick and harry has the guts to enter our military headquarter, to enter our strategic air base and the reason you give is it was the time of sleep. Are you serious? Time of sleep?

We as a country are fed up with the mythological stories of a NSA that comes close to being a Sherlock holmes, a government that just speaks big and does not act but hold we will not be talking about political system here. I have questions for you Indian Army because we have not lost our men in a war. This is a murder in our own home, a cold blooded murder, let’s not forgive and forget it in the garb of patriotism.

Meanwhile, the remarks by Director General of Military Operations, Lt Gen Ranbir Singh “Indian Army reserves the right to respond to any cross-border terror attack “at the time and place of our own choosing”. The Army also said it has the desired capability to respond to any blatant acts of aggression and violence as deemed appropriate by us.

Let’s dissect your options General saab:
1) Air strikes –On militant camps and Pakistani heartland but as always India lacks the intelligence and surveillance capabilities that will ensure the targets struck are actually militant camps. The possibility of collateral deaths is also high. And certainly it will be answered by the Pakistan Air Force and will almost certainly trigger a response whose consequences cannot be easily determined.

2) Covert operation targeting Pakistani terrorists- However depressing it may sound India lacks the skill and preparation to launch a covert operation against a country where there runs a state sponsored terror factory.

3) Not only a failed intelligence, we are in a bad shape too: Indian armed forces are not in particularly good shape for an all out war with Pakistan. The military is short of vital equipment like artillery and air-defence systems, as well as key ammunition. The air force is also not in particularly great form given the steady attrition it has faced without getting adequate replacements.

Don’t tell us what is your time, place and mode of giving that befitting reply but do ensure that your intelligence and security does not give them an another chance to hit back. Nobody, I repeat nobody should have the guts to enter our house when we are sleeping and murder our family. Let’s be cautious in our sleep too. Let’s not be stoned and sleep.

You know what to do, You know it better. You know you are not prepared, you know you still are not.

The country looks up to you. Let’s junk this policy of turning the other cheek when slapped by Pakistan.

A disturbed Indian.

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अबे हमने इश्क की दुकान खोल राखी है क्या

चित्र साभार : वेब दुनिया

कहानी और कविता कहना भी एक अजब ही मुआमला है. आप कहानी को ढूंढते हैं और कविता आपको ढूँढ लेती है, बस इतना ही है ये पूरा खेल. इसे जबरन का खींचिये नहीं. ऐसा नहीं की आज बारिश हो रही है या काले बादल आ गये तो उस चौथे वाले पहले प्यार के लिये कविता लिख दी जाती है. सुनो लड़के, ये जो फेसबुक मेमोरी या फ्रेंड सजेशन है न, यही सबतो कविताओं की तादाद बढ़ा रहा है.

अब वो दिन नहीं रहे जब उसकी आखिरी याद कैद होती थी एक लम्हे में, नीले सलवार सूट में वो लड़की, आँखों के किनारे पर आँसू टिकाये. अब तो भैया फेसबुक ने ले ली है सबकी, “checked in at“ वो क्या होती है किसी के साथ, तुम्हारी एक धड़कन तो “checked out “ हो जाती है.

तो लिखिये, खूब लिखिये. गर्दा उड़ा दीजिये “ एक आह भरी होगी, तुमने न सुनी होगी. जाते जाते हमने आवाज़ तो दी होगी “ लिखकर.पर ये बताइये हर कविता में, हर कहानी में तुम्हे बैकग्राउंड स्टोरी काहे सुननी होती है बे. कविता पढ़ो, वाह क्या लिख दिया है यार कहो और खुश रहो. कहानी पढ़ो ( खरीदकर ही, फ्री कॉपी न माँगा करो ) और कहो “गज्जब वन लाइनर्स मारा है” या फिर कहो “क्या बकवास है” और अपना पाठक धर्म निभाओ. ये जो तुम्हें क्या, क्यूँ, और कैसे जानना  होता है सिर्फ कविता में, विज्ञान में नहीं न इसे ही धर्मशास्त्रों में “चेप” कहा गया है.

अक्सर फेसबुक, ट्विटर या इन्स्टाग्राम पर इस प्रजाति के लोग मिल जाते हैं. अभी कुछ दिन पहले ही एक महाशय मिले जो पूछते हैं :

“ आपकी स्टोरी क्या है “

“मेरी स्टोरी?”

“ जी आपकी स्टोरी, आपकी कहानियां और आपकी कविताओं को पढ़ कर लगता है कि कोई interesting स्टोरी होगी  आपकी, आप मुझे बता सकती हैं, मैं किसी से नहीं बताऊंगा ”

और इधर हम सोच रहे हैं साले तुम्हें जानते तो हैं नहीं, तुम्हारे भेजे हुये मेसेज भी “other” फोल्डर में चले जाते हैं,other समझते हो न? और तुमको हम स्टोरी सुनाएं अपनी, खैर उसे जवाब तो देना ही था.

“ आपका शुक्रिया, बड़ी लम्बी और तकलीफों से भरी कहानी है मेरी”

“ मैं सुन रहा हूँ, देखिये किसी को अपनी कहानी बताने से आपको हल्का लगेगा, आखिर हम दोस्त हैं”

तुम दोस्त कब बन गये बे ,  मैंने मन में सोचा , खैर बामन हैं और सत्यनारायण की कथा कह के कई पीढ़ी गुजारी है तो इस “दोस्त” को तो जवाब देना ही था

“ मेरी स्टोरी………हम्म……तो सुनिये, चेनाब नदी के किनारे हमारी खूबसूरत बस्ती थी- तख़्त हज़ारा. वहां मैं अपने परिवार के साथ रहती थी और वो हमारी बस्ती के मुखिया का बेटा था. हम एक दूसरे से बहुत प्यार करते थे.अच्छा आप किसी से कुछ कहेंगे तो नहीं ?”

“ नहीं, नहीं, आप निश्चिन्त रहिये.” …………..एक स्माइली के साथ.

“ वह अपने पिता की मौत के बाद हमारे घर के गाय भैंस चराता था. वह इतनी सुन्दर बांसुरी बजता था, फ्लूट you know न?  फिर एक दिन मेरे घरवालों ने मेरी जबरदस्ती शादी कर दी. फिर वो मुझे ढूँढ़ते ढूँढ़ते मेरे ससुराल आया और अपने प्यार की परीक्षा दी. मेरे पति को भी ये विश्वास हो गया कि रांझा से ज्यादा मुहब्बत मुझसे कोई नहीं कर सकता……..”

BLOCKED……….This profile no longer exists.

और इन्होने तो हीर राँझा की कहानी पूरी होने से पहले ही मुझे ब्लाक कर दिया, कहाँ ये ये मेरी कहानी सुनने आये थे. तो मेरी स्टोरी ये है कि हम जो लेखक लोग होते हैं न, वो अन्दर झांकते हुये , बाहर को देखते हुये लिखते हैं. हर टूटे दिल की दास्ताँ हमारी नहीं होती, हर सिगरेट पीता लड़का हमारा प्यार नहीं होता, हर बालों को कान के पीछे ले जाती लड़की हम नहीं होते. और अगर इन किरदारों की खुरचन में हम होते भी हैं तो हम किसी और कहानी या कविता में लिख देंगे आगे का हिसाब.

हमने साला इश्क की दुकान थोड़े ही खोल राखी है कि तुम टहलते हुये आओ और पूछो “ What’s your story”.

Postcard from P : Because Shitty things happen to beautiful people too

Dear little boys and girls

(Too much of readers complained that i write postcards to only little girls. I am no Amitabh Bachhan so i address this postcard to all you young people)

I have a habit of leaving things incomplete and so the last postcard was a while ago. I love writing postcards to you so don’t want to miss out on this one. When you will be young boys and girls, the world will be a completely different world altogether. The inhibitions will turn into saying it all, letters will be extinct and taken over by messengers, you will have various types of categories for relationships- open, close, complicated, compartment…..but the fact is you will fall in love.

Love can never be out of fashion, only we will be.

Love is joy and love is pain. It is a roller coaster ride that has a tingling feeling, new experiences, desire for someone, lust, castles for future, anxiety, fear and definitely tears. Love is writing poetry, Love is singing stupid old songs for someone. Love is feeling hopeless but not giving up and love is sharing your life, the good and bad part of it. Love has no age but people make you realize that you are defined by a number that is called age.

They will say to you “You can not have a heartbreak at this age”. It’s okay, If love can make you feel on top of the world, it can make you feel vulnerable too. You want to cry, do cry. You want to scream, do scream and do remember whenever someone says that this is not your age, this postcard is whispering in your ears “It is okay, I understand.”

Shitty things happen to good people too, You come across assholes in life.

Get up, wear an amazing smile and keep this in mind

“You are lot more wonderful,beautiful and special than you ever say that for yourself.”

I believe in you.





A period horror story that’s causing young dads to message me


So i wrote this answer on Quora and the cutest part is men messaging me that my dad is coolest and they will treat their daughter in the same way. Go ahead men, i know this feminist thing is too much of these days and yeah i strongly advocate your paternity leaves.

What is your most embarrassing period story ?

I have to answer this because it teaches us that in our society we get embarrassed at trivial issues which are nothing to be embarrassed of. We don’t get embarrassed of women being molested, of the lewd comments that come across our ways but that stain on your dress makes the world crumbling down.

The first time i started menstruating: It was when i was in 9th standard and my periods started in school, i was on the volleyball ground when i experienced an unusual kind of pain. It was Saturday and i was wearing a white uniform which was i think stained and i had no idea why. Now one of the teacher calls me and asks me to sit with her, i don’t understand why. She was the class teacher of preschool kids and just asked me to sit on the side of her chair. I sat with kids yelling and crying, you must see what LKG kids turn into when the time that’s near to school off arrives, they turn into literal monsters. She then calls the peon and another teacher comes. Now they have a hush hush talk about something which they don’t care to explain me.

One of the teacher comes to me and asks the phone number of my home. I told her that due to my Grandmother’s sudden demise no one is at home and i go straightaway to my Uncle’s home after school with dad. She asks for my uncle’s number, i said i don’t remember.

Now they dial my dad and ask him to come. They don’t let me take the school bus too and inform me that my dad is coming to pick me up. Now i am dead scared, what did i do wrong that my dad is called to school.

I was practicing volleyball during class hours, maybe that’s why.

Now one of the teacher gets me tea and biscuits.

I think “I don’t identify the world anymore,my dad is called, teachers are so caring and i have no idea why”

Well dad comes and again the teachers have a hush hush talk with him.

I have this feeling of puking out and just few days back i saw a movie on tv where Amitabh Bachhan has brain tumor and he has this headache and he vomits. I remember how doctors were hesitant to tell him.

Then it striked to me……….OMG I HAVE CANCER.

Dad takes me home (not my uncle’s home) and explains me in very simple biological words that i have got my periods and how should i take care of it. I am relieved that i am not dying of cancer.He helps me take a neat cotton cloth and then we both go to my Uncle’s home where my mom takes the baton in her hand.

I wish my teachers were half as cool as my dad.

I wish we talk freely about periods and not make it an embarrassment.


Daddy’s Girl.