When dreams die ….Where do the ashes go

woman on lake
woman on lake

Today a conversation with a close friend about writing, about readers, about success and about unrequited dreams made me to think for hours, think about what he said, think about the set standards of success and do they equal into happiness,the jamboree turning into a carnival of praises, unfound praises, fake validations.And then i wondered that not every thing we dream or we see in future gets a life, so where do the dreams go when they die?

When dreams die

Where do the ashes go

Do they turn into

The crumpled voices

The unbounced echoes

The solitary desires

An untreaded path

The unlit whispers

The circus of plans

The silent screams

A nightmarish stream

The trapped tears

The withdrawal of tides

And moonlit eyes

The indifferent faces

The unhealed cracks

The demons which resurface

A faded touch

A ciggarette butt

And I am still wondering

When dreams die

Where do the ashes go

P.S – This is an incomplete poem, I wish to complete it one day but do remember you are never about what you own and yes make sure that nothing, absolutely nothing should own you. And in today’s world, when we are owned by everything we should not be owning, Be yourself, the world is already filled by first copies.

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