Dear America, you need NOTA(None of the Above) more than us


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So USA presidential elections are round the corner and it’s disappointing to see what unworthy successors Obama has. From a hate mongering Donald Trump to Untrustworthy Hillary, time for you to have NOTA in your electoral roll.

Today I wish to write why I don’t support Hillary ( So don’t take it for granted that I support Trump).

Obviously No Donal Trump : The whole campaign of Donald Trump rests on fear- fear of immigrants,fear of Crime, fear of muslims and mexicans, fear of the campaign that says black lives matter and the fear of LGBTQ population. He thinks that America’s economy is doomed and only this billionaire has all the answers to America’s problems. If you listened carefully to his closing words at Republic National Convention, you may have wondered what country he was talking to, and about. By saying “We will build a wall”,he has left out all the moderation and subtlety behind and What’s left is a hate mongering man whom we all should fear. Nazi salutes, cultural purification, racial supremacy, anti muslim rheoteric- What times do we live in where Trump walks on the same land.

Let’s come back to Hillary Clinton and why she is not my hero.

Low marks for trustworthiness, Thy last name is Clinton: Contrary to her claim that she never sent or received information that was classified at the time from the private server, the FBI found 110 emails to have contained classified information when sent or received. the confidentiality itself means you can’t compromise. Cover up just covers up mistake (that too at secretary of State position), it does not rectify it, the results compound her troubles.

Benghazi Investigation : Hillary Clinton failed to adequately protect U.S. installations or that she attempted to spin the attacks as spontaneous when she knew they were planned terrorist operations.

Abuse of Authority, The glorious Clinton Foundation: The beneficiaries who were bestowed with Big government posts and special employees come from Clinton foundation .Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin are among Clinton’s longest-serving and closest aides. Abedin remains involved in her campaign and they both come from foundation .

Hillary’s informal adviser :Blumenthal– Blumenthal, a seasoned journalist was an informal advisor to  Hillary Clinton,Secretary of State. Informal because Ms. Clinton apparently wanted to hire her officially but this proposal was turned down by President himself.His biggest apocalypse was suggesting that Benghazi Attack was spontaneous which proved wrong later and turned into Obama 2.0 ‘s biggest political mistake. And guess from where Mr Blumenthal was drawing his pay from as an advisor: Yes, you guessed it right- The Clinton Foundation.

The strong Woman mask : The one thing  I would have admired Hillary for if she walked out of a marriage with US president after the infamous Lewinsky scandal . So much for being the Iron lady and still coming down to same old bullshit- tolerating man’s adventures just for the sake of marriage. You lead by example and you could have done good without the Clinton last name too. I don’t see you as a role model of a woman who shapes up his own life. Instead you chose to look away when your Husband was having scandalous affairs with interns. We understand: marriage and its compulsions. That said, you can never be our hero Hillary.

I know you people don’t have choices, many of you must be saying that a first woman president is better than Islamophobic lunatic. You can no longer buy into the age-old argument that you have to vote for the lesser of two evils This is happening for the first time in the history of US Presidential elections that the candidates of the two major political parties have so unfavorable ratings. The future of this country and the amount of impact it has on the world can not rest on ignorance.

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party comes as a fresh air in this environment of mistrust and hate, an experienced politician , talks sense on social and economic issues and most importantly he believes in personal freedom, which is the foundation of an inclusive society. And there is Jill Stein of Green party and in her own words ‘We are basically a party that puts people, planet and peace over profit. And we put forward the real solutions that everyday Americans are just clamoring for’.

Good Luck America. The world is watching you.

P.S- When is Michelle running for President. A non conformist, strong, committed woman and a perfect wife who does Karaoke would be one amazing president



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  1. Two very undesirable candidates.

    One a moron, the other owned lock stock and barrel by Wall Street.

    Shame on Bernie Sanders that he is backing Clinton. He should be calling for Clinton to stand down. Instead he has betrayed his own supporters.

    Democratic Party, as the leaks have shown, is as corrupt as UK Labour Party. Both will do what ever it takes to rig elections.

    We also have to understand why Trump is popular.

    He would have sunk without trace if the media had not given him the oxygen of publicity.

    Wage of ordinary workers have flat-lined since the early 1970s. Post-2008 these same workers are the ones who lost their jobs, who lost their houses.

    Trump is not part of the political system that has screwed workers, though is part of the business system.

    Clinton is part of the problem.

    Republicans will not vote for Trump, they may vote for Clinton. Democrats will not vote for Clinton.

    And no, Obama has not been a success as President. He has been an unmitigated failure. He will go down in history as one of the worst US Presidents. He promised much, people had high hopes, and he failed to deliver.

    When the motor industry was in crisis, he should have pushed through reforms, he failed to do so.

    When the banks were on their knees, he should have smashed the banks, but failed to do so.

    Now the banks are even more powerful than they were before. So powerful they own one of the candidates.

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