Hey BRO AIB…..There is something called Adult Woman……ouch you forgot that


Diyar AIB Dudes

I just saw your “Adulthood in 100 seconds” video and whoa till the 99th second I was waiting that will you atleast show a snippet of a girl attaining adulthood. You understand that na? No? That happens, too much of “Yo bro” and all the cuss words make you forget that an adult woman is also in real. See how can you even  forget us yaar, all the cuss words start from Maa and end at behan.

Chalo koi nahi, I will tell you. Beyond your beer, weed, maa calling, condoms & ipills we the girls too have some adult woes: the menstruation, cramps,mood swings and all the hush hush talk about it. Adulthood comes to us with people advising us to “atleast take a dupaatta” or whispering in our ears “Indira Gandhi is out” (That refers to the exposed bra strap).Adulthood brings with it some sweetheart girlfriends which bond over  the late night talks in hostel rooms and the mandatory spilling out of our dark secrets.

It may disappoint you dude but we the adult women are much more than A calling mother, An ex to block, a girlfriend with ipill, a nagging wife and the spoilt diapers. Actually we too have work woes on Mondays, we too pay EMIs, we struggle hard to maintain balance between an incoming salary and online shopping packages. Very very sorry to say that we can hold that beer mug too instead of just a ring. We do party, we smoke, we have a life other than calling you cool dudes in your boys night out.

Dude, you have no idea that we too have a mom who tells us over phone “Shaadi kab karna hai” “tumhare saare friends settle ho gaye hain”, “shaadi karna bhi jaruri hai” “Had me raho apni” and yes how did I forget all the aunties that remind us of a time bomb called biological clock.

Our adulthood also comes with eve teasing, being called “Aaye haaye kya maal hai”,” Chalegi kya” with that irritating sound of kiss in air that we always come across in public places, with an online abuser that sends us obscene images of you know what……..The bro things. I seriously don’t have any problem with your idea of adulthood but the snippets where adult woman come for once or twice seriously reeks of sexism.

A man……. I repeat a man once said: It’s hard to practice what you preach. With all that feminist bashing you have been doing and the kickass videos you have been making, this one was downright sexist. Adulthood comes to girls too and they too turn into one hell of a woman. You skipped that conveniently.

P.S- Bad mockery of Buzzfeed’s video “Your childhood in 100 seconds”.

With Love

An adult Woman

You can watch their video here:


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  1. Bravo! Very well written I must say and I think you broke their hearts by telling them we gals have a life apart from calling up guys on their night outs – 😉 😀

    1. Thanks sweetheart, I am happy that you resonated with it

  2. That’s not just the best anwser. It’s the bestest answer!

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