Corbett National Park: A sojourn with nature

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Wildlife reserves and National Parks are the best way to have an escape from the mundane urban life. They give you a holiday that is in close encounter with nature, amid the greenery and natural habitat.

Jim Corbett National Park is the perfect for nature tourism. My sojourn with Jim corbett national park was due to a shoot with National Ggeographic Channel.This wildlife park is a paradise for nature lovers. The park forms the natural habitat for a diverse variety of flora and fauna.

Corbett has been thronged by tourists and wildlife lovers for a long time. Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park  and was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park to protect the endangered Bengal tiger and is included in Tiger reserve.

Tourism activity is not allowed in core areas of  Corbett Tiger Reserve.. Corbett remains open to tourists only from 15th November to 15th June owing to unfavorable weather conditions.

What makes the park even more accessible for tourists is its easy connectivity to important cities like Delhi by road and rail.  If you are travelling from outside Delhi, you can get  great deals  on International Flights  or  domestic flights at 

State transport buses ply regularly from Delhi to Ramnagar. A direct train also runs from Ramnagar to Delhi. I took the train from Delhi to Ramnagar.We had earlier booked a forest resort in Dhikala. For serious wildlife viewing, Dhikala – deep inside the reserve – is the place to stay.. However, the town of Ramnagar is teeming with various hotels and guest houses which you can book with the help of Yatra.

There are many taxi or car on rent to take you from station to forest reserve. Usually the guest houses will send a taxi if you inform them beforehand. Book a tiger safari with Corbett tourism, the tiger safaris are usually in morning or evening. We didn’t take up a safari because we had camped along side the Ramganga river to sight and shoot a tiger.


Tiger sightings are not at all easy and come to rest on sheer luck, as the 200 or so tigers in the reserve are neither baited nor tracked. Your best chance of spotting one is during April to mid-June, when the forest cover is low and animals come out in search of water. Apart from tiger sightings the tourists get enticed with the variety of wildlife and birds in grasslands.

The night stay at corbett is usually accompanied with shrill of a herd of wild elephants , sloth bears, langur ,macaques, peacocks, otters and s deer including chital (spotted deer), sambars, hog deer and barking deer. Sighting  leopards, mugger crocodiles, gharials, monitor lizards, wild boars and jackals are also very common.

If you are a game for bird watching, corbett is a heaven for you..

Jim Corbett National Park other than wild safari also consists of a museum. The local villagers have also come out with innovative ideas like a mud thatch or hut with organic farming in backyard in which you can participate for a new experience.

Do visit Jim Corbett for an experience close to nature away from the addictive world of phone and internet and don’t forget to buy a jar of Apricot Jam, they are freshly made and are yummy. Plan your itinery with the help of http: //


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