Postcard from P: This one’s for the little Boys

So why do I write this postcard this week to the little boys. A few of my regular readers asked me why not a postcard to Boys and let me tell you there are a few gentleman out there whom I truly respect. This one’s for you Ajay, you know that you are my favorite. 🙂

Dear Little Boys

One fine day you will grow up, grow to an age where family love will be an intrusion, buddies will be your life and you will fall in love with your teacher and then a girl in class who doesn’t talk to you. I won’t be there so let’s leave a postcard behind.

Respect is the word
Thought it’s too young to understand for you the value of respect but from adolescence to being a man, never ever loose respect for yourself and for others. When those hormones sleep (temporarily in your case)  it’s the respect that makes you admire her and isn’t admiration the most beautiful aspect of love.

A NO means a NO
The most crucial part, a NO means only a NO. It does not mean “May be”,  “Shayad “, “She is interested “,”Girls do that “. Remember “Wo Agar paltegi to wo Tujhse Pyaar karti hai ” from DDLJ, let me tell you a secret: Wo paltegi Kyunki she is checking you out or is just reassuring that you are not following her, wo Tujhse Pyaar nahi karti dude.

Be A Man
Finally it all boils down to this. This be a man has nothing to do with a physique or machismo. This be a man is about standing by your partner, fulfilling your commitment, overcoming your fears and being dignified. You will naturally turn into a man one day, be a real one, be a gentleman

Be true to her and be true to yourself. People will value you for who you are rather than the tags you carry. Don’t be afraid to remove yourself from the lives you don’t want to be in, it just takes courage, everything else is bullshit.

Don’t give up. Life is too short to not to be with the person that makes you happy.



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  1. Nice read as usual. I would have also liked to leave a note for the boys to take care of their parents when needed the most.

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