R: Rapunzel #AtoZBloggingChallenge

“So my dearest Son, the annual fancy dress competition is announced. Tell me what do you want to become, we will make sure you win the first prize ”

Arnav was confused about what to become on this fancy dress competition.He even hesitated to discuss it with his father and mother.

It was a Sunday evening and after watching Jungle book, they were having dinner in Arnav’s favorite Chinese restaurant.

“Aru, you thought something, Achha tell me do you have any favorite cartoon character ” asked his father.

” I don’t know papa ”
“You want to become Mowgli from jungle book ” said a giggling mummy.
“Mommy…… No ”
” Do you want to be a superman, spiderman or batman”
“Nahi papa.”
“What about a soldier with a big gun…… Dhishoom, Dhishoom ”
“No Papa ”

“No issues beta. Take your time and tell us what do you want to be. We will make you prepare. Done? ”

Arnav continued eating his food quietly while his mummy and papa went on with their conversation about an upcoming wedding in family.

“Papa……… Papa.”
“Yes Arnav.”
” I want to become Rapunzel, the one with long hair.”

A shocked mother shouted ” Are you crazy Arnav, you are a boy, boy don’t become princesses.”
Sameer asked Meenakshi to stay quiet, took Arnav near him and said “Why do you want to be a Rapunzel Arnav, give me the reason for it. ”

Arnav then started narrating them the story of Rapunzel. His eyes lit when he told them how she let her hair down the window to be used as a rope. He seemed happy, very happy much to the dismay of Meenakshi, his mother.

Sameer smiled and said ” Ok Arnav, what a beautiful story, we will get you a Rapunzel costume for your fancy dress.”

Arnav sat there smiling gorging on his vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce.

Sameer took out his phone and texted to Meenakshi
“It’s okay love, let him stay pure without the gender stereotypes. It’s perfectly okay. ”

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  1. randommusings29 says: Reply

    I’m not sure of this is fiction or if it actually happened with your child. Either way, I’m so glad he got to be Rapunzel and didn’t fall victim to society pleasing!

    1. Hi Debbie, Thanks for believing in the story…..To your disappointment i am still single with no kids. Its a fiction.

  2. Lovely post. I believe we should set the child free on their imagination if they feel strong enough to pull it off confidently. Keep writing!! 🙂

    @bloggerabhi1 from

  3. Kids are innocent, unbiased and incomparable.They love to do the things they like. The world is becoming filthy nowadays, where as the only thing remain are the candid and free spirited forms of children.

    1. So correctly elaborated Anwar

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