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“You know daddy, today we learnt about Oedipus Complex in our psychology class”

“Really son, what did you learn”.

“A desire for sexual involvement with the parent of the opposite sex and a concomitant sense of rivalry with the parent of the same sex; a crucial stage in the normal developmental process. Sigmund Freud gave this .Dad this is shocking, is it true?”

“Listen son, there are many theories by many psychoanalysts and someday I wil tell you his criticisms.Just remember you don’t have to put that in your head so seriously.”

“ Hey Honey, can you just pick up his school books from Mrs Sharma’s home and pack some dinner for both of you while returning, I will be late today, product launch today”

“Don’t you realize Smita that it’s always me who is doing Satwik’s work these days, can’t you do what is even basic of your duties”

“I too work Nikhil and he is your son too. Top being a chauvinist every time I ask you to help”

“OK,ok  don’t start all over again”.

I just wished I would have listened to Mom and marry someone like her……wondered Nikhil.

And in a notebook Satwik wrote on a fresh page.

Oedipus Complex.

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  1. This was informative while being humorous! Pooja I didn’t realize you were taking part in the challenge! Cheers
    @KalaRavi16 from

    1. Thanks Kala, I am trying to participate along with a class 9-9 all 7 days a week, so get less time to visit others posts, still struggling

    2. And yes I am doing stories, from folk tales collected through my travelling to micro fiction.

      1. Wonderful, you are amazing! Will try to catch up with other posts thru May!

    3. Your articles are for when it abyetulols, positively, needs to be understood overnight.

  2. Hahahaha… this is so good!

  3. haha,,, that was a brilliant way to end it. Truly loved the creativity there. And you know what? I really doubt if many parents would have had a discussion with their kids on Oedipus complex.. sex ed itself is something taboo.

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    1. Do i need to mention , your sitcom series in A to Z is a rockstar already

    2. nice piece concerning co;msoing&#8230pThe just like you realize the thought processes! A person could grasp lots approximately this kind of, like anyone published the particular guide inside in addition to one issue. For me which you might potentially perform combined together with some pe…

  4. Hahahaha.. what a tale! Nicely done 🙂

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