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Once upon a time there was this lady who was a housewife. She was a happy woman doing all the household chores from dawn to dusk and taking care of her family. All she loved was listening to stories, since she was this little girl in braids. The story of fairies and witches, of the kings and queens, the victory of good over evil and the tales of faraway lands.

What she never knew was there deep inside her was trapped a poem and a story, always wanting to get out.She never knew that she had a poem and a story entrapped in her. So she never made an effort to bring them out. Fed up of the lady, the poem and story decided to come out in the world on their own and teach a lesson to the lady for keeping them suppressed for so long. They knew that they could come out in the dark of night only if the lady opened her mouth to speak something. The lady went to sleep early every night after her husband went to work for a night shift in a nearby factory and after a long day’s work she slept peacefully leaving the poem and the story trapped inside.

One fine day the lady went to a marriage in the village and returned home past midnight, she was tired, went to bed and yawned. And Lo!! The poem and the story were free, out in the world. Now they wanted to teach lady a lesson. The poem became a pair of shoes and the story became a coat. In the morning when her husband returned from work, he found the coat and a pair of shoes outside his bedroom.

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He asked his wife who came home in his absence and the lady said she had no idea. The man accused her of lying and they had a big fight, furious he left his home and went to a friend’s place. He drank and in an inebriated state decided to return home. It was way past midnight when he reached the village chabutara and sat there below a lamppost. He thought that he should not have doubted his homely wife.

Suddenly he overheard few voices, he knew that the whole village had slept and thus became curious to know where the voice came from. Post midnight when the lights were switched off in every home, the lights from every home came at the lamp post to have a chat with each other.There the man to his utter shock heard the various lights discussing how the poem and the story turned into a pair of shoes and a coat to teach the lady a lesson.

He ran towards home , woke up his wife and told her about the whole incident. She thought that he was drunk and therefore talking nonsense. In morning the man again requested the lady to give the due respect to the story and the poem trapped inside her for years and write them down. Thus was born the most beautiful poem and the most interesting story ever written.

Don’t let any story be trapped inside you………..Unleash your creativity.

P.S- This is a story derived from a folk tale passed on from generations to generations in the southern part of India among the tribal communities. Hail the art of storytelling and the land of stories.

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  1. richajindal says: Reply

    that’s quite inspiring for even the people who haven’t started & for the one’s who are writing. The smallest of incident can be a story


  2. inGeniousty says: Reply

    Mother of God. I need to wake up the Poem in me…Else they will be against me some day :/

    E- Power of Expectation

      1. inGeniousty says: Reply

        But I am no poet so there are less chances of a Poem in me 😉

  3. What a great message through a fab story! Great going, Pooja 🙂

  4. Good one story 🙂
    I was like
    What’s next ..what’s next what’s next ?
    And then the message in end satisfied me.

    @dixita011 from
    Cafenined words

  5. Another fascinating folktale. and one with a happy ending! where do you pick these up from? your travels? share the story behind the story?

    1. From my travelling Chandni, i have a deep interest in the culture of any place

  6. I dont know about a poem or story but with some of my articles, I have felt as if the words have written themselves as if they were desperate to get out! So yes, I have experienced this feeling once in a while.
    Great post and good advice therein.
    @yenforblue from
    Spice of Life!

    1. Thanks Love
      Unleash the creativity in you

  7. that’s interesting and the msg is so simple and clear, let inhibitions take back seat and go ride your desires.

    1. Exactly, never let anything entrapped inside you

  8. that’s interesting and the msg there is very simple and clear, let your inhibitions take back seat and ride your desire.

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