D: Do You still love me?


Rohit annoyingly opened his eyes and shouted “Richa! Richa! Shut up this damn alarm”

Richa came into the room and stopped the alarm.

“It’s already 8 Rohit, get upset and be ready ” And she went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Shuffling through the newspaper while sipping his coffee, Rohit made a mental note of the presentations he had to make today.

“When are you going to help me to sort out photographs from the Kutch Festival for the exhibition Rohit “,Richa said in a voice meek enough not to irritate him.

“I will sweetheart, I am just too busy now a days.You go ahead with the exhibition na. ” replied Rohit without looking up.

“Rohit!!  You know that you are my inspiration. Do you still love me? “”

Rohit irritated and annoyed threw the newspaper “Why do I have to prove always that I still love you. This is your insecurities speaking Richa ”

And he went away closing the door behind.

Richa looked down at her insecurities. And she took her wheelchair away towards her desk to work for her upcoming exhibition.

After finalising her pictures, she asked the driver to pull out car, the absence of Rohit these days was depressing for her. She was happiest when they were still struggling with the endless dreams for future life together. When came the Success, so did the joy and craving for each other.

She decided to drive today and asked the driver to adjust her wheelchair at the driving seat, Rohit had got the car modified for her, oh how much he knew that she hated to be dependent.

She drove towards the lake and was lost in the beautiful memories of her pictures perfect relationship. The morning cuddle, the surprise kisses and the late lunches of mutton dishes on Sundays were a bliss.

It was 10 pm when Rohit came home, he had his set of keys with him because he was late everyday these days. Rohit unlocked the door, made a call to Richa upon observing that car was not in the garage.

Richa’a phone was switched off. Rohit called driver and upon knowing that Richa had went on a drive alone, got a little furious.

He went to take a shower and was wondering about tomorrow’s deal he wanted to crack. Upon coming out of the washroom, he saw Richa’s room’s light turned on.

Peeping inside, he saw Richa sitting beside her desk. He said “Thank God, you are home sweets, I was worried and don’t take the car alone so late ”

Richa without turning back, said “Rohit! Do you still love me? ”

“Richa yaar, there are bigger issues in life than just love, why don’t you think about other things. Is it necessary to irritate me after a long day’s work ”

Rohit made himself a coffee and poured a cup for Richa too, he felt sad for the girl who loved him madly and he was nowhere near to her these days.He knew that she didn’t need her but he obviously needed her love and support all her life.

He decided that he will talk about her upcoming exhibition today and spend some time with her. He went to her room to find that she was not on the chair. He knocked on the washroom to find that she was there not also. He started searching frantically for her.

Suddenly his phone rang. An unknown number flashed on the screen. He picked up the phone, a male voice resonated on the other side ” Mr Rohit Kumar? ”

“Yes this is Rohit. ”

“Sir. I am inspector Dhote. This is about Ms Richa, we found your card in her wallet ”

“Richa!! Is she Ok Mr.Dhote, please try to understand that she is handicapped ”

“Sir, Sir I am sorry there is a bad news, Ms Richa ‘s car crashed near the lake view and……. ”

” Is she okay inspector?  Where is she? Which hospital?  For God’s sake, say something. ”

“I am sorry Sir, she died on the spot. ”

A silence lingered there for a few seconds.

“Sir, Sir are you there? ”

“When did it happen? ”

“An hour back sir. ”

Rohit fell on the floor, he hugged the chair from behind and sobbed repeatedly saying a single sentence.


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