C: Churchgate To Virar



The slow train with 12 coaches to Borivali is arriving at Platform number 1.

Rajiv and Ishita looked for a bench among the hustling crowd. Tired after a long day’s work, the local train was their only respite. Ishita looked visibly excited today and Rajiv was clawed in the threads of being an intern even after 6 months.

Ishita : You know Sid is now an AD?

Rajiv: Sidhartha?

Ishita: Of course, who else is Sid?

Rajiv: Oh! What is AD? He was a lawyer na?

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Ishita: Its an assistant director, an AD helps the director in every part of film making and go on to become director themselves. Yes he studied law and was always passionate about Cinema.

Rajiv: Did you congratulate him?

Ishita: No, a common friend told me………but why are you asking……..Shit!

A silence lingered for few seconds with Ishita talking on continously.

Rajiv: Do you compare me with him Ishu?

Ishita: Kya yaar! It is not about competition, my life’s funda is crystal clear- we have to make a lot of money. Do you realise that all the problems that we are facing is because of lack of money.

Rajiv : But still, he will be a big shot now.

The slow train with 12 coaches to Virar is arriving at platform number 1.

Ishita: Chalo see you tomorrow, take care, Bye.

Ishita pushes through the crowd entering the ladies coach clutching her handbag and manages to grab a seat. She takes out her phone and opens whatsapp contact list and surfs through “S” list.


“Congratulations Sid, I am so happy for you. You finally are on the path to your dream.“

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Two ticks turned from grey to blue.

“Hey thanks Ishita, what a pleasant surprise. Thank you so so much.”

“I always knew you will make it big one day Sid.”

Two ticks turned from grey to blue.

“ I wish you knew that Ishita.”



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  1. Liked this short story very much!

  2. Interesting idea. Good luck with the A to Z challenge.
    Beth Lapin
    Activities for a Good Life

  3. Hey Pooja,

    This is indeed a very unique idea i have ever heard and read till now.
    Looking forward to read all the Alphabets.


    1. Thanks Anwar, it’s tough but wish me best

  4. Nice take on emotions and competition.

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