A: Are you On Facebook?

So i am back with a short story for A to Z challenge.
DISCLAIMER-this is not a work of fiction &bears some striking resemblances to some persons very much living on this planet&if it offends someone ,i ask for a sincere apology .

“I was traveling to my home town in a train with a resolution that i am not gonna  talk to anyone this time as is a habit of me to land into conversation with every single person around(some”bad” experiences behind it)everything was going fine & as a sincere study bug i had carried some study material along with me (*god save me from the torture as soon as possible ,instead of “mills &boons” i was reading microeconomics).

Suddenly i noticed  a guy peeping into my book as if he has authored the same ,when i looked up he said “Are you preparing for some exam” ?
He-Which one?
ME-Civil Services
He-wow…..that’s cool(*i wish i could also have said a wow&cool)

Then he started extracting from me every detail about the exam ,system ,corruption ,polity n we had a long conversation.Next time if you find his name among the toppers n he says he is thankful to parents,god &teachers,please include “the girl in train”;-)

Then there were all the people around who participated in conversation which got heated up as every single person wanted to show that he is no less”socially &politically enlightened” citizen than the other  &the one in disadvantage was this poor guy who had painstakingly started this conversation &now was the least heard voice.

The caterers served diner &gradually the environment which just a minutes before presented  a discussion point of another”Jasmine  revolution”shifted gears on whether they should include “gulab jamun” on deserts instead of vanilla ice cream …..So everybody retired to sleep &then the “guy” took a front seat and contd…..

He-So what did you do for graduation?
Me-I am a doctor
He-wow..that’s cool(my thoughts:same as above),so it seems you are a writer?
Me-a little bit of writing i do (please ,do i look like a fool?i know you have overheard me talking on  phone about me being a writer*).

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A little bit of  talking continued about Delhi,my home state,family till i interrupted that i needed to sleep.There was en exchange of goodnights
i woke up amid tea &the same “revolutionaries” discussing  a civil rights movement of India .There came my station n i picked up my bag to get down ,bid goodbye to everyone including that guy and then………

He-It was nice meeting you ,Dr…..hmm
Me-Same here. ok then goodbye
Me- No

He gave me such a disappointing look as if he just came to know that his blind date is a gay.

He-Okk doctor all the best for your exams.
Me-thanks a lot.

I walked down the platform with a smile thinking that hope he does not google my name to find out a freaking facebook fan & a twitterati in totalitarian
.remembered the movie”The Social Network” and was wondering if the movie was true ,then how “uncool”Mark Zuckerburg was .i don’t think he had even started a conversation with a girl on train(come on he was not interested in the girls who were his fans)…so take a bow Mark -you not only made yourself a youngest millionaire but gave a new “hip &happening” pass-away line to this new generation cheers to you & Facebook

Meeting my family i suddenly realized i forgot to buy some chocolates for the two kids at home ,i turned back ,rushed to nearest tea stall to get hold of some candies &there was this guy with his back facing me smoking a cigarette with his friend …so here goes the last conversation.

Friend-So whats up? kuch baat bani”(did something crop up)

He- A complete waste of time yaar,of one whole train journey …………can you believe “SHE IS NOT EVEN ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!

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