The Pachauris & the complaints…….


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Few days back when a high profile college mafia was murdered at Bhilai in a said conspiracy by a girl whom he had been harassing, I spent the whole afternoon thinking “Why not police complaint”? My home town again was in news over a suicide by a Rape victim when she was being harassed by those in system to take back the case against a policeman and a doctor doubled up as a rapist, I spent the whole afternoon thinking “Does this happen when you complain”?

Why do victims suffer? Because he is the boss, he is the one with better networks, because he is visible, yes he is a family man and he represents an organization. He does not take No for an answer, rejection is too big for his shoes, he gropes, he forcibly kisses, he stalks though romantically laden messages and when you decide to speak against him, he makes your life a living hell, stalks you again and this circle will be completed when you either die or kill. The solution is within you. And in between this whole cycle you are being named, shamed and given character certificates. Why do you even complain?

This is not about only one creep, sexist R.K.Pachauri being elevated in TERI, this is about many Pachauris making a mockery of internal complaint committees, FIRs that haunt the victims and harassment which doubles when you decide to speak up. And now few more women have decided to speak against this man who thinks it is okay to make internal environment toxic in return of the wonderful work he has done for the external environment.

It was never about getting degrees from this douche bag but its actually about where do complaints lead us to? In a country where everyone talks of contacts, “Pauaa” and aukaat , complaints are just a joke and Pachauris multiply exponentially.

P.S- In the suicide case that I talked about earlier, I came to know that one of the woman from Rapist family said “Aadmi hai to karega hi” . This sickening thought is what fails every woman who decides to speak against harassment, it fails each and everyone of us, It fails nature in its attempt to make us an evolved species.

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