This non sense called Matri Pitra Diwas



Its that time of the year again when the town is painted in red, cards gallery are a showpiece in themselves, flower vendors have promised their wives a good saree that she demanded a month back and the goons of sena and Dal will have a work to boast of.

Valentine’s Day is overrated. The couples, gifts, online retail sites, FM channels and even those Pink laced sets of TV shows gives you a puking feeling. Come on, love is beautiful, it indeed makes your heart dance and jump when you are enjoying that being together waali feeling.

Having a long chat on tryst with destiny in a coffee shop followed with a late lunch or clasping someone’s hand tightly while taking a water ride is as romantic as giving someone a heart shaped gift (Oouch! That’s tacky infact). But the only good thing about Valentines Day is sena and Bajrangis get a job, yes a real job to drive the couples out of their love joints, break the “Aaaww” decoration of Archies and hallmark gallaries, beat those love birds and even perform their marriage.

Now the last act is what garners my utmost respect for them, If I have a crush on guy and he is not giving me any Bhav, I will invite him for a coffee or a lunch in those customized with heart venues, will those goons make me marry him……………Waah ! What an idea sirjee! I hope they don’t ask do we really want to marry or not?

We are a society of bigots, a country of double standards where talking and speaking of love is a taboo. Where even in this age boys and girls are beaten up to celebrate a harmless festival and we think about decriminalizing homosexuality. Adding to the list of this bigotry is Matri- Pitra Diwas. Lets burden this unethical PDA with a heavily laden respect for your parents.

How come in this whole world love towards Parents can be equated with what hormonal locha we feel for the opposite sex.  And why does valentine pose so much a culture shock to medieval pundits of Sena & Dal. Is it an option given to us that we have to choose between Respect your parents (read: respect the sanghi culture) or Fall in love with someone. I can be madly in love with a guy and take care of my parents too. Does this also needs to be explained?

Have you seen that scene in Swades where on the occasion of dussehra an elderly woman says to Shahrukh “ Par ek baat hai jismein hum America se aage hain, wo hai humari sanskriti “. This naming  Valentine as Matri- Pitra Diwas reeks of same mentality- Use Culture to hide dichotomy.

By the Way Chattisgarh is celebrating this nonsense called Matri- Pitra Diwas and today when I was returning from Market, I stopped my vehicle to see a street play being acted to encourage this Diwas.  A big truck with many boys sloganeering “ Mata Pita se prem karein, humari sanskriti ko bachayein” were on the top of the truck. I stood and started watching that street play, Suddenly these boys were giggling towards me with that eve teasing look.

Yes these saviours of Culture and to be Shravan Kumars were concentrating on my waist that was peeping through a side slit on my top. So much about respecting your parents.

Happy Valentines Day to the one who celebrate love( Don’t listen to me, Enjoy your heart out).

No Happy Matri- Pitra Diwas please because you can break up from your valientine but never parents.



3 Replies to “This non sense called Matri Pitra Diwas”

  1. I accord with your views. When we already have a Mother’s Day and a Father’ Day then I don’t get a point of having Matri-Pitra Diwas. Oh wait !! They are also taken from western countries and should be seen as a threat to our culture. These should be immediately banned.
    In my opinion, by forcing their (Sena, Dals and other affiliated groups) beliefs on others, they are creating a culture of autocracy. They are terrorising people by destroying gift shops and forcing couples (or any two opposite sex friends who happened to unfortunately meet that day) to marry each other.
    I personally don’t see Valentine’s Day as any kind of threat to our culture but if that is the case then these group of sick people should go ahead & sabotage ancient temples having erotic sculptures, ban the hip-hop/pop/rock music & force the Indian classical music in every movie & album and rip shirt & jeans from every man & force them to wear Dhoti-Kurta.
    I believe there are more serious and hard pressing issues that need to be addressed (Where these parties can contribute in a constructive way). People should be allowed to express themselves and should be educated enough to understand the socially acceptable actions. However, the later part will lead us to another debate of (in)tolerance which I would like to skip for time being.

  2. Seconded.. These double standard people of Dal and all just want to project they are Sanskari or saving culture but seriously they are the ones who lacks liberal thoughts and often resort to domestic violence. Great post… !

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