Why i can’t travel light

Why I can’t travel light

Stuffing my luggage up to the brim

I still wonder what else could I need

Everyone advises to travel light

And the unknown adds up the plight

What if I need a word of solace

A hug, a kiss

And compassion

May be I will need a tear to shed

Or a smile that hides the red

What if I need some courage

To shoo away the ghosts

That feel so near

I may tuck away in a corner

The insecurities

The embarrassments

The grey desires

In one pocket I may keep

An empty heart

Bleeding &bruised

Bandaged with hope

Zipped in one compartment

Would be kept those familiar ones

All “Ifs & Buts”

I wanted to but don’t have balls

The circumstances that led to us

Understandings which I never understand

It seemed so possible but it was not

You were perfect but I was not

In one hand bag that I carry along

I stuff the memories

Of summer days

And starry nights

A life looked from afar

The art of letting go

Is easier said than done

Why I can’t travel light

Why it’s hard to say a goodbye

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