I am discarding


I am slowly discarding

The notion of love fed to us

When the cupid strikes

And butterflies fly

The letters with sweet sugary words

The one with tall promises

To bring down the stars

The long calls

The slow morning walks

Passion into lust

Desires into madness

And then it all flows away

We call it names

The dirty names

And wonder why no one told us that

And we never asked

What happened to Snowwhite

And her fairy tale dwarfed

What did rapunzel do

When she regretted cutting her locks

When Cindrella wanted to move on

And Aladin turned out into a coward man

The blues and whites

Turn into everyday tides

I am learning to reevaluate
the notions associated with love.
Understanding doesn’t come mostly
Forgiveness isn’t always easy

I am throwing away

The valiance of warriors

And the chivalry of heroes

The love saga of winning over

And the epic romance

No one tells you

Companionship, coupling and Commitment

We have a habit of giving names

When all is left behind is

Comfirt, Curses and Causes

I am slowly discarding
Idea of complicated forbidden romances

Where the everyday talked someday never comes

And you always have a sorry for an answer

Piece by piece

I am discarding

One love notion at a time

Until all that remains

Is true

And how it should be felt.

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  1. Cupid, bows, pink, hearts is not what love is all about as if fed to us. Trust, belief is. Cupid can follow once foundation of love is built. Pink hearts, bows are only expressions which are a part.

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