Let’s shout her name, loud and clear – Jyoti Singh


The last day of 2015 and I write this tribute to the girl who united us all, who not only fought back a gang rape but gave our conscience a well needed shake or should I call a Shock.

She was called Nirbhaya, she was called Damini an epitome of the fearless one. In her struggle to survive India came together in thousands, across all regions, across all religions. We were stunned; we were terrified at the beastly treatment meted out to her. We cried when doctors said that they have never seen such a strong will to survive.

Do we hear the word ”STRONG WILL”. Last week her mother Asha Devi came out and said that “My Daughter was Jyoti Singh and I am not ashamed to take her name.” The question arises – Who the hell is ashamed? The hindu, while reporting this news also choose to leave some dots……..in place of her name.I understand law restricted revealing her identity but then why did we snatch away the very identity she was born with, the very identity she was trying to establish and the very identity she fought back to save.

We saw Suzette Jordan coming out in open and revealing her identity and shaming her rapists. If Jyoti had been alive today, she would have done the same. This giving symbolic name to a rape victim reeks of patriarchy, the patriarchy where we either crush women or push them on a pedestal where they are Goddess kali or Nirbhaya.

The name signified a movement, a movement where we stood together and asked our society to introspect why a girl out at 9 in the capital of India was so brutally raped. But by calling her Nirbahay, we are reestablishing the fact that a raped women is spoilt and her naming in public will only make her life worse.

We failed Jyoti when she was alive.

Let’s not fail her in death.

No more symbolic names,No more umbrella pseudonyms, No more glamorizing the struggle.

She was Nirbhaya in her spirit but she must have been scared when those bastards attacked her. Let’s not take away that fear of Jyoti Singh, It pinches hard, let it pinch.

Don’t make her an extraordinary saint in the mask of Nirbhaya, She was an ordinary Jyoti Singh with an extraordinary will to fight back.

Let’s not fail her again, Let’s call her loud and clear – Jyoti Singh.

The juvenile that walked free on 20th said that night “मार डाल साली को”(Kill that Bitch), They indeed killed her, lest we keep her alive by calling her Jyoti Singh.

The nation misses you Jyoti Singh. RIP



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