Away from HOME…….


How relaxing is a cup of tea

Beneath the vertical rays

While people come and go in the talks

Sunshine reflects in mom’s greys

That morning paints a lovely scene

From the hues on the skies

And wildly through the lonely trees

The wind of winter sighs

However loud the world screams

At some point the clutter dies

So give me back my shoulder hills

Where I learnt to fall and rise

Where dad’s lessons, fair and just

When “what did you learn” was a must

Long winding walks and tales of sea

And I was bit by a wandering lust

Restore to me that little spot

With creaky walls holding around

Where that mango tree neglected lies

Brown leaves usurp the ground

Though in this four walled space I live today

And around the world I roam

My heart always sings a song

OH! Give me back my Home

This post was written in response to a #WritePrompt #Away from home from @Blogchatter – a wonderful platform for bloggers and the little family they have formed though words




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