The age of Magic

Close your eyes, and envision an idea of an app, an app that reads what are you thinking right now and gives you directions through an infinite space radiations and while you count backwards from 10. Energy pulses along the interstices of the space converges, a balloon comes up giving wings of internet to your ideas and HOLA! There you are ,right there what you wanted to know.

Now open your eyes and see it all happen, like when you were just thinking about turning a tiny hamlet into one completely dependent on green energy, this app of yours in a count to ten calculated the costs involved, hurdles that may arise and how the village will look after.

The  Age of technology  is not so much a discrete collection of beliefs as like a geometrical formula , it is a complicated  intersection of  interests, objectives and motifs. The New Age ‘movement’ is not a single movement at all. The term contains multitudes.

Don’t you agree that this bunch of #Technocrats are infusing magic into our otherwise plain and boring world.

German sociologist Max Weber put it 100 years ago, a distinguishing feature of modernity is ‘the disenchantment of the world’. For Weber and the countless historians and social scientists who have taken his theories as starting points, the rise of modern science and ‘scientifically oriented technology’ replaced the ‘mysterious incalculable forces’ that pervaded pre‑modern worldviews.

In India, young generation is faster in embracing new technologies. From entrepreneurship to Digital India it’s the rich demographic dividend or the young population that can turn the tide of growth through a tool called 4G.

The future of 4G in India will depend primarily on three factors: 1. Infrastructure 2. Availability of smartphones 3. Availability of smart content. While concerns over spectrum availability and network infrastructure still remain among Indian operators, smartphone #Technocrats and content providers are sure that 4G is what will help Young India build an India of their dreams.

While 3G sparked the revolution in Indian smartphone industry, 4G is set to take it forward in the coming years. Each generation of mobile technology upgrade raises the bar on how much data it can consume, and that’s what is expected out of 4G in India. India is inching quicker to a superior and competent technology platform for mobile communication.

Growth of 4G is inevitably attributed to the surge in mobile data. The growth of Over-the-Top (OTT) services has also created the need for high-performing networks, and 4G was a natural progression to address this demand.

With data playing a key role in advancing digital revolution in India, LTE enabled devices find strong use cases in applications like m-banking, m-commerce, e-learning, e-governance and mobile entertainment.

India, the third largest country in terms of smartphone adoption, has achieved only 30% penetration in 2014, signifying the immense possibilities for handset makers and other ecosystem providers. The digital friendly millennial customers and the increasing 4G penetration are expected to drive the growth in the coming years.

So hop on  the fun train of 4G with Micromax and create an era of technology , an era of magic.

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