Being Together With Nature

I go to jogging these days and what I come across –children in park trying to play, a little older ones on their tablets and their moms glued to their smartphones.  At the expense of old-fashioned forms of exercise, where people used to walk, to run we are becoming an isolated soul recording  all our activities, with head phones glued to our ears. Even when exercising more naturally, a new generation of wearable sensors records our activity and downloads it effortlessly to our smartphones for us to fret or obsess about later.

Take for example socializing , what we actually are thinking is not to enjoy the moment but to come out with best of pictures, instagram them , add the filters so that they look WOW and it seems unlikely that consideration of how it’s going to look on Facebook will not influence not only our dress and demeanor, but even our choice of how to spend our time.

Every child, pre teen , teenager and adolescent is laced with a smartphone or tablet . Adults, parents in their own addiction to browsing or checking whatsapp hand over a gadget to child who acts cranky or as a guilt of not able to append sufficient time with them. Indeed, today’s teenagers and pre-teens have smartphones and tablets, they have their choice of “social” networks and apps like Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest, they have texting, all forms of instant messaging, and their choice of search engines and intelligent agents such as Google Now and Siri to spoon feed them any information they want.

But these same priviledged bunch don’t have any clue what to do when they are parted from it. It sure is addictive as hell.

Togetherness is all about being together, embracing pleasure & pain together , enjoying life’s little moments together .What distinguishes us human beings from other species is the power to express ,don’t let technology bereft us of that.

Go to nature to feel that togetherness. Go on a vacation. My best holidays have been to National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries where there is no network and thus we have time for listening to the creaking insects, sound of winds blowing over dry leaves, the colors of forests and the colors of life.

Being at one with nature is a most magical and almost enlightened space to be. It feels like you are ‘in tune’ with everything that is going on around you moment by moment. To feel connected to the oneness today, we need to feel the pulse of nature. We must feel in harmony with life and the world around us. Nature has no labels, no judgment. Take advantage of its unconditional acceptance and love.

Look this beautiful video to understand what “Real togetherness” means and how it is always around us, we just need to feel it :